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Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter Review

himalaya for moms nipple care cream

Breastfeeding moms know how painful sore or cracked nipples are. The pain more or less can be prevented by correcting the latch from the beginning and using a safe nipple cream.


Himalaya for MOMS Soothing Body Butter Review (Lavender, Jasmine and Rose)


Body Butter is one of the best gifts ever, which you can give to a pregnant mom. One of the physical changes that happen during pregnancy is stretch marks and dry skin. I


Himalaya FOR MOMS -Toning Massage Oil Review

himalaya for moms toning massage oil

Traditionally in India, massage is an integral part of the antenatal and postnatal care. Massage for pregnant women is a must as it relieves many discomforts like a backache, stiff neck and swelling.


Ragi Recipe:Ragi Malt porridge

Ragi malt/nachni/finger millet is one of the nutritious food available in India.Ragi flour is available in all the market.Better to buy the  organic or homemade.


Banana smoothie with Apple and Papaya

banana smoothie with apple and papaya

Relish this Banana smoothie with apple and papaya


Muesli Recipe: Healthy Homemade Muesli Recipe | Weight loss recipe

muesli recipe homemade.weight loss recipe

Muesli Recipe:Starting a day with a bowl of muesli is healthy but worried about its sugar content and preservatives?. You can make muesli in your home.


Sweet potato for baby | sweet potato puree/mash for babies

Sweet potato for baby,sweet potato puree for baby

Sweet potatoes are nutritious and many prefer to give sweet potato for baby as the first food. The sweetness of this vegetable and smooth texture after mashing helps in easy digestion.


50+ First Food ideas for baby (Free printable) – 6-7 month

first food for babies,baby food recipes

No idea what to feed your baby as first food or stage 1 food? Some mothers are in always searching for recipes to feed their baby.


Meet Jubi Shabeeb-Founder of FlutterBy Boutique | A Teacher turned Kids Designer

kids fashion designer interview FlutterBy boutique

Today we are featuring Jubi shabeeb -a teacher turned kids fashion essential designer at Flutterby boutique. Find out how she started her business and check out her space at FlutterBy.


Carrot Puree for babies| carrot Puree for baby

carrot puree for baby,carrot recipe for baby

Carrot purees are perfect for 6-7month old baby .Carrot puree for baby is easy to make and healthy. As the first vegetable, they are good but there are concerns regarding the nitrate level in carrots


Himalaya Diaper rash cream Review

Diaper rash is common in babies at some stage or the other. Using diapers for a long time, not changing the diapers as soon as it gets dirty or wet, allergic to the diaper brand or frequent bowel movements


17 Party games for Kids | Birthday party game ideas for kids

Party games for kids,birthday party games for kids

Party games for kids are the best way to keep your young guest busy. Party games for kids should be exciting and fun otherwise, they will get bored easily! Check out these ideas which are easy



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