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How to raise a leader?

Leaders can be made. How…let’s Explore.


A Mom’s Tips for Losing weight after C-section (Cesarean)/ Pregnancy

losing weight after C-section or pregnancy

For all the young pretty mommies who really want to shed the weight gained during pregnancy and after, I don’t know whether my tips might help you, But I am sure it’s not going to harm you! Losing weight after C-section is hard but can be done if we consciously implement clean eating


Secret behind my daughter’s healthy eating habit by Dr.Surbhi

healthy eating habits.secret behind my daughter healthy eating habit by child is not eating food

This article is contributed by Dr.Surbhi.She shares her daughters healthy eating habits which is the most concerned worry of  parents these days. Dr. Surbhi is a qualified homeopath and mom of two lovely daughters.She loves reading, writing and spending quality time with kids. recently she moved from India to USA and having a new experience here […]


A mom’s home remedy that cured her son’s persistent cough and cold

home remedies for cough and cold in kids

It can be frustrating when kids fall sick with symptoms like an annoying cough and cold that doesn’t go away after consulting a doctor and taking all medicines.So the best thing is to look for home remedies for cough and cold.


Triangle stuffed paratha

Recipe By Arpita Shah


Review: Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap (Honey & Milk)

Soaps or body wash is one of the essential toiletries we buy for our babies. Nothing smells sweeter than a baby fresh out of bath. But have you ever looked at the ingredients of most baby soaps? It’s really scary.


Pancake recipe for Kids: Carrot Banana Pancake recipe

pancake recipe for kids,pancake recipe

Thinking of making something easy and healthy for Kids! Try this tasty Pancake recipe for kids as breakfast or evening snack. Your kids will love this for sure. This recipe is one of my son’s favorite.


Baby Development: DIY Sensory Board for Babies and Toddlers

baby development ,busy board for toddlers and babies.sensory board

Baby’s development takes place so fast.They are so curious and sponge like ,that they absorb like anything. My son needs to be busy all the time otherwise he gets bored easily.So if you have a kid who is very active ,you have probably looked out for activities to keep him busy- a busy board is […]


Smoothie Recipe: NUTS SHAKE for TODDLERS (Weight Gain Recipe) By Athira

smoothie recipe NUTS SHAKE for TODDLERS (Weight Gain Recipe)

Do you have a picky eater at home?Then the next thing you can try is smoothie recipes that your kids will love.Smoothies are not only healthy but also easy to make and can be gulped in one go.We have heard about healthy packed fruits and vegetable smoothie recipes


HOW SHE DOES IT ALL! Series | JUGGLING MOM- Donna from The Culinary Trail

juggling mom series.How she does it all.time management n productivity tips

Motherhood means juggling a lot of balls and it certainly is challenging when you run your business/work/passion with it. One of the thing that always amazed me when I meet a woman who is a mother and also working or running a business is understanding how she does it all. so this series is for women […]


Meet Shazneen Afshar- Founder and Baker at Indulgence| A homemaker by Default & A Home baker by Passion

Best cochin cake baker interview

Today we are featuring Shazneen Afshar ,Founder and baker at Indulgence, one of the Cochin’s best cake baker.Let’s get to know Shazneen in her own words!


Brain development in babies: Importance of Tummy Time

brain development in babies tummy time

We all want our children to be the best that they can be. Early brain development is of major interest to parents these days.



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