Anecdotes from Real life between a Parenting Consultant and her daughter #4

As a fresh off the boat mumma, I am constantly in awe of parenting consultants. They always seem to have the grueling task of raising children well and staying unscathed during the whole process tucked beautifully under their belts.


But how surprised would you be if i told you that parenting consultants are in fact as human as us mamas?

Presenting Jaseena; parenting consultant, mama and her insatiably curious 7 year old daughter – Mahek! Follow this adorable pair in a funny new written series on DrMomZine. Everything from “mama how do you know what i want without asking me?” To “mama, where do babies come from?” dealt with here in the most humorous conversations ever between a mama and her kiddo.

Over to Jaseena and Mehek

jaseena backer

Between Mahek and Me

While walking up and down the campus during my get together at school, Mahek was having a gala time shooting questions. Nostalgia and diplomacy where playing tennis on my tongue .

Me: While at the boarding you have to stay without seeing your family for a long time.

Mahek: oh that’s easy . I can stay upto nine months without seeing you mama.

Me: You wouldn’t have to stay that long. You will meet parents in between.

Mahek: But I can stay nine months away from you .

Me: you can ? ( slightly disappointed)

Mahek: I stayed nine months in your stomach and I didn’t even miss you mama.

Me: !!!!! ????? &&&@@@@₹₹₹₹$$$£££€€€%%%###

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