Art Start or Start Art: Mridula Menon

Looking for extracurricular activities for your kids? Mridula Menon founder of Bangalore Lalit Kala Kshetra gives us an idea when your kid should start Art and what all factors to look for when you enroll a kid for Art.

Art Start or Start Art

A common issue faced by modern day parents is to find out what their child is really interested in. At young age a child seems to be interested in everything as everything around her generates curiosity. But for obvious reasons related to time, money and energy they cannot be sent to all the extracurricular activities happening in your vicinity. That is when you start making a choice on behalf of the child as to what you want her to engage with.

Art is a dormant activity or engagement for kids. It has nothing to do with their physical energy as such. Irrespective of whether your child is a born artist or not she can be trained to draw. In fact anyone can be trained to draw and paint and such artists are trained artists. We all can be trained artists.

For a child this process can start from an age of, as early as when she starts to write, which for most kids will be between 4.5 – 5 yrs in India. Parents have to be careful about selecting the right teacher for kids of this age as they would need individual attention from her. A famous art school or a well reputed teacher might not be always suitable for kids that young. Once you find one, do not expect very well defined drawings from kids right away. However what you need to start observing is if the child enjoys going to the class, if she is able to sit at the desk for at least half an hour without getting distracted, if the child is able to select colors of her own (need not be the right colors though). Art at this age has nothing to do with art but it has everything to do with enhancing qualities like attention span, listening skills, confidence, decision making capabilities etc. At this age every child feels very proud of her artwork irrespective of how adults see it. It is mainly because they do not have the requirement of perfection at this age which makes them more creative than adults and their fishes might swim in sky while an Adults fishes might swim in water.

Any form of art will be well perceived by a child from the age of 6 hence schools like Bangalore Lalit Kala Kshetra have their age limit set at 6+ yrs. There are couple of external factors that affect this as well. By the time a child turns 6 she would have left playgroup and joined mainstream school where she shares her teacher/caretaker with more students. That makes her less dependent and more confident. She starts realizing what is right and what is wrong in a better way than before making it easier for teachers to guide her in the right direction. Area of interest would have become clearer at this age and parents would easily make out the talent in the child. Eye hand co-ordination would have become stronger making it easier for the kids to observe and draw, or in some case imagine and draw. Not all kids will have imaginative skills and that must not be taken as a shortcoming. Such kids must be trained upon observation based art and eventually guided into realistic form of art. Art is a produce of the mind hence a child must never be looked down upon for her poor drawing skills. To be able to train a child, a teacher would need a child who does not hate art, and then she will make sure the child ends up loving art under her able guidance.


Hence if your child doesn’t seem to Start Art by 5yrs wait for another year before you engage her in an Art Start session.

Mridula Menon
Director & Founder.
Bangalore Lalit Kala Kshetra


Mridula Menon, a certified Siebel Consultant and ex Business Analyst at Oracle India chose to quit her job to follow her passion in teaching arts. She initially joined her friend and started a school by the name of AankiBunki. Eventually she founded a school of her own which is now registered as Bangalore Lalit Kala Kshetra. Today her school has around 100 registered students who have been winning awards and recognition at schools and competitions. This is a school that focuses on developing skills in observation, creativity and drawing. Once enrolled every child gets individual attention and gets the freedom to concentrate in their area of interest. Certified exams are conducted every year and certificates are awarded to the students based on their performance. Located at Bellandur the school is planning to have more than 100 affiliates all across Bangalore.

Artists, homemakers, playschools etc all are invited to affiliate with BLKK who will undertake the responsibility of designing the syllabus, conducting exams and issuing certificates to the registered students.

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