Brain development in babies: Importance of Tummy Time

brain development in babies tummy time

We all want our children to be the best that they can be. Early brain development is of major interest to parents these days.

We always search for baby brain development activities, However, we usually miss out the tummy time, which should be started as early as the stump of the umbilical cord falls off .There is a lot of development that is happening during this time in a baby’s life. Studies have found that lack of tummy time could cause learning delays and overall brain development.

Tummy time means baby spending some time lying on his belly under supervision while the baby is active and is encouraged to play with his toys and move their arms.

You may have read that baby less than 1-year-old should not be placed on the belly, as there is a risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) that is why tummy time is only done under supervision.


Brain development in babies And Tummy Time

child development with tummy time


Importance of Tummy time:

  • Core muscle strength-strengthens the trunk
  • Stimulates Vestibular System of the brain   which stimulates brain growth
  • Stretches and strengthens neck muscles
  • Reduces the flat spots on head giving the skull a good shape
  • Strengthens back and shoulder muscles
  • Develops muscles for good posture
  • Opens the hands for grasping and reaching-develops hand-eye coordination
  • Visual tracking
  • Develops muscles for rolling, sitting and crawling
  • Strengthens buttock muscles   and hip flexor muscles
  • Strengthens shoulder-blade muscles for arm control
  • Develops the muscles for coordinated walking and running


tummy time for growth

When to start tummy time?

It can be introduced as early as 2-4 week that is after the umbilical stump falls off.There is a high chance that your baby will not like this position for first few times.Starting as early as possible and making it a routine may help your baby love tummy time

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When and how much?

It is better to do when the baby is active that is after a nap and a feed, so that the baby is relaxed .When you begin, just a few minutes each day may be enough. Gradually increase the time, as they grow older.

Engage the baby in active play by offering toys or safe objects, other activities like singing, reading and talking to them so that they eventually enjoy their time on the tummy. To encourage moving their arms different toys can be placed around them so they try to grab them

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Tummy time can be incorporated in your daily routine, that is after a nappy change, during bath time,on your shoulders or in your arms. Make sure that their weight is evenly distributed during this time so that muscle also develops evenly. It is better to do on firm surfaces or on a floor but for some babies it may be uncomfortable at first.

A 2-3 month baby should be able to lie on his tummy for around 10 -15minutes. They should be able to lift their head and look around.

Dont be surprised if your baby scream it out. It may take a lot of repetition to make your baby comfortable during his tummy time

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