Crying Baby? Reasons and Soothing Tips

Every baby cries. Its their way of communication. But an inconsolable cry is almost draining for new moms.

Ofcourse after you get to know your baby you can understand his cues. The most common reasons like hunger, need sleep, dirty diaper, etc are most common reasons which you almost know. Some reasons which you may not know are:

1. Your Baby May Not Be Well.

If your baby is crying and nothing is making him calm. Your baby may be having

crying baby tips and reasons


  • Colic pain: Colic symptoms usually occur in babies between 3 and 8 week. And the crying usually will be in the evening. Mothers taking high calorie food or any post natal herbal lehyams which may be heavy for baby’s digestive system can create a colic. Colic drops, gripe water, burping, tummy time etc are some of the remedies.
  • Ear infections: Continuous grabbing of ear may be a signal your baby is having ear infection. Ear infections are the most common after common cold. Following a cold, water entering ears when bathing are all reasons for an infection.
  • Stuffy blocked nose: This can be a reason for your baby’s crankiness which can make breastfeeding difficulty. Saline drops or sprays may relieve the symptoms
  • Urinary tract infection in babies: urination can be painful in this condition.Check out the frequency of urination and concentration of urine.If not normal consult your pediatrician
  • Your baby may be hungry: Look for hunger cues in baby. Check whether latching to breast is proper. Only a correct latching ensures good supply of milk which in turn boosts breast milk production.
  • Diaper change: Don’t leave a soiled diaper on your babies bum for so long.
  • Diaper rash: check for any diaper rash. Keep in handy a diaper rash cream and always keep it dry and clean
  • Your baby may be tired and need a sleep: Babies can’t sleep easily when they get overly tired. They start crying as if they are in some pain. Try giving them a good massage and a warm bath.

  • Constipation: some babies have difficulty in bowel movement. Most commonly seen in formula fed babies but can also be seen in breastfed babies .Change the formula. For breast fed babies check out the food which mothers take. Include more fluid, fruits, veggies in mother’s diet. Consult with pediatrician if baby have difficulty in pooping regularly.
  • Acid reflux: Burping baby after breastfeeding can relieve acid reflux symptoms and spitting up
  • Your baby wants to be held sometimes: Try cuddling or swaddling with baby blanket
  • Check out if his clothes or something is irritating him like zip or its label Don’t get frustrated after all every baby cries .Try to soothe him/her .Take turns with your partners or family members. As baby grows they will try to communicate in different ways. And hopefully crying may stop.

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