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A Mom’s Tips for Losing weight after C-section (Cesarean)/ Pregnancy

losing weight after C-section or pregnancy

For all the young pretty mommies who really want to shed the weight gained during pregnancy and after, I don’t know whether my tips might help you, But I am sure it’s not going to harm you! Losing weight after C-section is hard but can be done if we consciously implement clean eating


Dessert recipes- 27 Easy Pudding recipes your guests will love

easy dessert recipes.pudding recipes

We have shared 27 tempting dessert recipes here. Pudding or desserts are the most scrumptious way to end a meal. Indulge in these delicious desserts and puddings and make sure your guest have an enduring time with you.


17 Party games for Kids | Birthday party game ideas for kids

Party games for kids,birthday party games for kids

Party games for kids are the best way to keep your young guest busy. Party games for kids should be exciting and fun otherwise, they will get bored easily! Check out these ideas which are easy


6 Cakes to Try this Christmas!

When its Christmas, its all about Cakes and Cookies.We have selected 6 cake recipes for you from different blogs.If you are looking for a recipe these are a must try


5 ways to Re-Fashion your babys clothes (onesie)

Every mom will have a lot onesies in their baby cupboard. Once a baby isn’t a baby anymore onesies are of no use. Look what these moms have done with their baby’s onesies.


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