Khichdi Recipe (moong dal Khichdi) for Babies-A lunch thali recipe by Keerthi
Recipe type: main course
Cuisine: Indian
Khichdi recipe- a wholesome balanced meal that has carbohydrate, protein, some fats,vitamins, and minerals. Khichdi is basically a mixture of Rice, lentils or vegetables of your choice and ghee.
  • Rice- ½ cup rice
  • Moong Dal/cherupayar paripp- ¼ cup
  • Garlic – 1 clove
  • Jeera/cumin-1/4 tsp
  • Tomato- 1 small piece
  • Vegetables like beans, carrot, cauliflower, potato , peas- you can add vegetables you like.
  • Olive oil- 2 tsp
  • Ghee
  1. Wash rice and moong dal thoroughly with warm water
  2. Soak rice and moong dal for 1 hour and drain the water
  3. Heat a pressure cooker and add some oil
  4. Add garlic and cumin, toss it well
  5. Then add the tomato and all the veggies toss for some time
  6. Then add Rice and moong dal and fry it for some time
  7. Add appropriate amount of water to it and close the lid and cook for 2 -3 whistle
  8. After cooking, you can mash it well with a spoon or in a blender .
  9. Serve it with ghee.(optional)
  10. Salt is not recommended for babies under 1 year
  11. Homemade curd Recipe
  12. Boil some milk at early morning and allow them to cool to lukewarm. Add one spoon of curd to it, tightly close the lid, and store in room temperature and by afternoon will be ready.
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