Meet Pooja Alexander, Founder of Linen N Lace

Linen N Lace, you get the best of ‘hand-made creativity’. From exquisite photo frame, fridge magnets, bed linens, curtains, cushions and a lot more…

1.Tell us about yourself and what were you doing prior to Linen N Lace ?

” Linen n Lace” is the creative venture of 3 people – My Mother – Sheela Uthuppu , My Sister – Navya Joseph and Me – Pooja Alexander . Once I settled in Tirupur, my husband Mr. Alexander Job Neroth introduce me to some of his friends who were fabric mill owners . Thus “Linen n Lace” started on an amazing journey of creativity.

We do have a history of creativity, running in our genes . My Great Grandmother, My Grandmother, My Mother and My aunts are all the epitome of creativity. So I would have to say, we just had to continue the family tradition.

In “Linen N Lace”, we work as a team . The dresses on the page are all made by my mother. My sister and myself do all the decorations. My mother and sister are in Kerala and I am based in Tirupur. So it is a co – ordination between states.

2. can u give us a timeline how it started?

It all started when my brother, Manuel Uthuppu uploaded the picture taken of the decorations I had done for our nephew’s christening. My mother, sister and me are all “not” tech friendly. It was all the initiative of my brother. And now it has been an amazing journey for almost 10 years.

3. what are your products and you are famous for?

“Linen N Lace” has a lot of products. Initially, we conducted exhibitions where we had Bedspreads with matching cushions, Bed sheets with embroidery, Embroidered Curtains, Table runners, Cushion covers, tiny gift tags and a lot more. Then people started approaching me, by messaging on “Facebook”, to do the decorations for function. Now I do decorations for Christenings, Baby Showers, Birthday parties and other occasions. I also do a lot of Gift baskets for new-borns, godparents gift basket, etc.

4. Do you promote your products? How do you showcase your goodies?

Every product I do, I put up the pictures on “Facebook “. This is the only promotion I do. I have people messaging me on what they want and I courier it to them.

5. Who is the team behind?

The team of Linen N Lace” are the 3 of us . Sheela Uthuppu, Pooja Alexander & Navya Joseph. Our families also contribute a lot. My husband finds me places to source new and amazing fabric, my brother helps us with all the internet work. Even our little girls help us, when we go to assemble the decorations for events.

6. The biggest challenge you faced? And how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I face right now is sending the items to the customers. There are a lot of things that are breakable, so it is difficult. It is normally couriered to the customer, but if the things are big, I send it by person also, which would cost the customer

7. Where do you see Linen N Lace in 5 years?

I would love it if ‘ Linen N Lace ” would be a page everyone loves, visits regularly and “likes”

8. What is a day in a life of you like?

All my clients have all given me a lot of time to do the order. In case of an event, I always ask for at least a month of time to do the order. If so, I can do the order without out, stressing myself. But I do have night in which I sit all through, doing the order.

9. How do you balance your venture with motherhood?

Thanks to the Good Lord, I have amazing help at home. But “Linen N Lace”, is actually a stress release for me. And I would say that if you are a little organized in life, anything is possible. And you feel that you have a lot of time.

10. Any advices to share with our parentrepreneurs?

The only advice I have to give mothers is, “Motherhood is an amazing gift, my children are my best friends, but you can enjoy it more if you love yourself. This you can do, by doing something, anything you are passionate about. “I have been blessed, as I do something I am passionate about and I also don’t have to leave home. Try to find something you can do from home, so that you can enjoy both worlds.

Linen N Lace
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