Meet Teenu Terrence: Founder of Hall of Frame

Meet Teenu Terrence: Founder of Hall of Frame


How many times have you walked into a gifts store and walked out empty handed because you couldn’t find a gift with the perfect creatives? This is what Hall of Frame offers you; a chance to bring your dreams and thoughts into tangible reality!It is the brainchild of Teenu, a multi talented lady who has lot of things rolled into one. Hall of Frame  acts as a blank canvas for your ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings and heart felt messages. What you want expressed to your loved one is customized as per request in 2d and 3d paper work with all the frills and fancies, accompanied by a 4 liner poem, framed, packaged and delivered (conditions apply on delivery) ready to be hung. It’s kind of like gifting a piece of you! 🙂

Tell us a little about yourself and what were you doing prior to Hall of Fame

I am an MBA graduate with a second PG in advertising. I was working with The Times of India in Chennai for 3 years. It was a challenging job creating rapport with clients, packaging exclusive media dealings and hours upon hours of ideating.
I currently juggle time (with more priority of course) between my son, Hall of Frame, my blog and the pipelines of a food related blog in the making.

What are your products? What path led you to what you’re doing now?

Hall of Frame speaking in the most basic manner deals with creating 2d and 3d paper wall art customized as per the requirement of the customer. Each order is framed and ready to be hung. HoF comes in a standard size of 12w * 15h (inches) with designs and wordings unique to each order. Costings start from Rs.2000 onwards based entirely on amount of work involved, changes in size and thereby framing costs.

I think that when times are rough god shows us ways to reach out to positivity. I was going through a rough patch in life. I was a stay at home mom with absolutely no outlet to expunge the growing negativity. I used to constantly wrack my brains thinking about what i could do from home that would not affect the precious time i spent with my little boy. I loved drawing, i loved writing, i loved ideating, i loved crafts and i loved making people happy. The question was how i would bring it all my interests together into a single solid unit. One night BAM a workable idea hit me and HoF was born!

kids craft works

Did your talent become apparent naturally at an early age? How did you learn?

My mother used to tell me that i would draw pictures from dawn until dusk on my neighbors yard. I would take a long stick and draw everything from dragons to princesses, tierd cakes and flowers. I loved drawing and would constantly compete in drawing and craft related competitions.

How can someone start the same business as yours if they are talented?

I think time and creativity are the two main factors of investment one needs to make in such a venture. One needs to keep ones mind in creative mode always; dreaming up various ideas, stretching the realms of possibilities, constantly improving ones work and doing ones best to make ones customer happy.

If one has the creativity the rest of the steps should fall into place with ease:

Inventory: get a grip on your idea, break it down into elements in terms of raw materials, look of the product, purchasing capacity, profitable but affordable costings, final packaging, transport, spreading the word etc.

Get going: once you feel things are in place theoretically, then waste no time and do a jump start.

Orders: start with close friends and relatives. Give them a start up costing and deliver the promised goods as best you can. I promise you, the start is slow but then the orders start coming in from people you don’t even know!

Dummy: always, always, always pre-test the materials you buy. Make a dummy, a rough drawing with a colour scheme for a peripheral reference. Once you have the base down pat, let your creativity flow!

Advertising: constant advertising is key. I use a Facebook page and word of mouth to let people know about HoF and it has worked comfortably well.

Constantly Improve: be the best version of oneself always. Compete with your last order and keep on improving.

Customer is king: always be kind and courteous with your customer. At the end of the day make sure your customer always has a smile on his/her face.

hall of fame from teenu

What is a day in a life of you like?

Like any mom, my day can be described in one word: Hectic. People often wonder what mothers do at home the whole day. Well, here’s your answer; bringing up a little human is hard work and it needs a large amount of love and dedication. I work when i get free time (which is when my son takes a nap) most of my customers are very understanding and somehow i have always been able to deliver the goods way before the discussed deadline. I have my family to thank for that really. Without their constant help and encouragement, HoF would have remained a dream.

What are your future plans for Hall of Frame?

Right now it’s one step at a time. All i think about is how i can improve my work further. I have tentative plans of collaborating with some friends who are insanely clever artists in the distant future and bring a whole new dimension to HoF. I plan to stretch the 2d and 3d paper portfolio into different mediums and techniques.

What sorts of things inspires you? Where do you look for inspiration?

Everything inspires me! Nature, people, special moments…i really cannot put my finger on it. The underwater themed frame that i am holding in the picture came to me when i was looking at a handful of rainbow sequins. I thought “these look like scales” and the thought developed and this frame was born!
Never shut out any ideas that you have. Always keep your mind fresh and working on different themes, ideas and techniques.

How do you balance your venture with motherhood?

It’s all about priorities and time allocation. Under no circumstances will my child ever take second place to my work. I love my work, i love the creative release it gives me but i love my child more. It is very important that i spend maximum time with him because all us moms know how quickly these little babies grow up! And i have the loveliest family ever! They have always ensured that i get adequate work time.

kids hand works

Suggest an idea or a trick that has made your parenting easier?

Work fast without compromising on quality. Keep practicing on your work. Nothing saves time more than that! Once you master your techniques, work on speed. Speed+quality are the best route to follow for parentrepreneurs everywhere! Good luck and god bless!

Any advices to share with our parentrepreneurs?

Just go for it. Do not wait because there is actually nothing or no one pulling you back but yourself. Never think an idea is lackadaisical for it might end up being a revolutionary one! I repeat, JUST GO FOR IT!

For enquiries please visit my fb page:

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