17 Party games for Kids | Birthday party game ideas for kids

Party games for kids,birthday party games for kids

Party games for kids are the best way to keep your young guest busy. Party games for kids should be exciting and fun otherwise, they will get bored easily! Check out these ideas which are easy and also inexpensive(change as per your theme). You can click on the name and follow the link to know the details.

Party games for Kids | Birthday party game ideas for kids

1. Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty

party games for kids,birthday party games for kids
party games for kids

Pinning the bow on Hello kitty or pinning a hat on birthday girl or the boy’s photo can be fun

2. Freeze dance game

All you need is some music to play freeze dance game!

party games for kids,freeze dance games

3. Birthday Balloon Game: Hidden Money Bills!

All you’ll need is some balloons and money bills. You can even paste the money bill under the chairs, your young guests are sitting!


party games for kids


4. Bucket toss

party games for kids bucket toss

5. Post-it Note challenge

You have one minute to stick as many post it notes on your partner as possible…the face is not out of bounds with this one!



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6. Stack the Cups

party games for kids stack cups

7. Musical chair

party games for kids

8. Passing the pass

party games for kids- passing the pass

9. I Have who has? – shapes and colors

A Fun Learning Game for Kids! I have a red square who has a blue circle? learn some shapes and colors with I Have Who Has! Free printables available

party games for kids,f

10. Simon Says 

Designate one person as Simon and the others as players. Simon stands in front of the players and tells them what they must do.

30 Funniest Simon Says Ideas and free printable version available

party games for kids-simon says

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11. Tangling game

Tangled game -where each girl got a partner and they had to tangle their partner in yellow crepe paper in the allotted time! The judges decided which girl was the most Tangled and then they switched and let the other partner get Tangled!

party games for kids

12. Plastic bottle bowling

party games for kids plastic bottle bowling

13. Ring toss

party games for kids ring toss

14. Balloon burst/Beach ball race

party games for kids balloon burst

15. Water balloon Pinata

party games for kids

16. Musical Islands

A twist on Musical Chairs, players walk around “islands” made of paper while music plays. When the tune stops, each player scrambles to get on an island (several players might be able to fit on one). Anyone who can’t place both feet on the paper is out.

party games for kids,musical islands


17. The Tissue dance

Here’s how to play:
Have everyone put a tissue on their head before you play any music.
Then start the music and begin dancing, but don’t let the tissue hit the ground.
If the tissue starts to fall, allow your little ones to catch the tissue and put it back on your head.  However, if they miss and the tissue lands on the floor, they are out!
Last one with a tissue on their head Wins!

party games for kids

Share with us in the comment section below if you have any idea for party games!

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