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Curious to know you are pregnant? Easy,affordable pregnancy kits are available without doctors prescription at your local medical stores to know whether you are pregnant.For some a positive result will be the happiest moment in their life,but how much you can trust the result is a big question.

pregancy test

How home pregnancy test work?

After implantation of the embryo,it produces a hormone called hCG. This hormone is produced in the placenta which comes to the blood and urin(usually formed within 6 to 8 days after ovulation) and increases as your pregnancy progresses, peaking at around 8-11 weeks.Home pregnancy test detects this Hcg level in the urine.

When is the best time to take the test?

1 week after the missed period is the best time for testing.You can test it on the first day of missed period but it may not come accurate as Hcg may not be produced as much as it can be detected.Hcg increases at different rates among different women. Whether a positive or negative result, its better that you repeat the test to confirm the result in a few days. A negative result may come if tested early and cant ruleout pregnancy.


  • Most of the pregnancy tests claim 99% accuracy if one followed the instructions closely and correctly.
  • If you used it too early or soon after you missed your period before the hCG hormones are formed.It may come as false positive or false negative • first morning urine sample is the best to test.
  • Diluted urine caused by drinking a lot of water can decrease the efficacy as hcg also gets diluted.
  • If you mishandle the pregnancy test or do not understand the directions or how to interpret the results, you may not obtain an accurate result. You may also want to consult your doctor about medications that could alter the results of a pregnancy test.
  • Also know that if the test sits for too long, an evaporation line may appear. If this occurs, do not mistake it as a positive test result.

Faint Line on Pregnancy Test

This can happen to many of you if you have tested it little early.Usually any line formed on a pregnancy test even if it’s a faint one indicates a positive result assuming

  • Test done correctly and properly
  • And line appeared within the time period

Other Tests to confirm pregnancy

Pregnacy Blood Test is more sensitive and accurate than urine test.You can do this in a nearby hospital 6-8 days after ovulation.

Home pregnancy test kit in india

  • Velocit
  • Cadila’s AccuTest
  • Akon kit
  • Pregcolor Card
  • Clearview
  • Pregtest Card Cipla
  • Mankind -PregaNews

If test becomes positive ,consult your doctor to confirm.

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