How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy?

Weight gain during pregnancy is really important for you and your baby even if you are a supermodel.

Earlier there was a myth that “eating for two “is a must during pregnancy .Eating extra calories is needed but doubling the intake is not needed. You only need extra 300 more calories per day. Thats app. 3-4 plain dosa depending on the size.

Weight gain during pregnancy really depends on your preconception weight. Eating balanced and healthy diet is really important for your baby’s health and development. Gaining weight should be at a consistent pace.

  • Women who had average weight before conceiving should have a weight gain between 11 and 16 kg.
  • First trimester: half a kg to 2kg weight gain is healthy
  • 2nd and 3rd trimester: 2 kg weight gain each month
  • If you are pregnant with twins: 18 to 24 kg weight gain is healthy
  • Women who are underweight before conception: you should gain 12 to 18 kg.
  • And those who are overweight: you should gain around 7 to 11 kg.
  • If pregnant with twins, you should gain around 14 to 22 kg.
  • Obese women should gain between 5 to 10 kg and around
  • if you are pregnant with twins: gain around 11 to 19 kg


If you are overweight your doctor may tell you not to put more weight and this should be done only under your doctor’s advice.

Those who are considering dieting during pregnancy make sure you gain the right amount of weight, because gaining little amount of weight lead to preterm delivery and low birth weight of baby

Extra weight during pregnancy which goes for your baby is around 3.5 kg of your extra weight. Others go for your placenta, amniotic fluid, breast tissue, and blood supply, stored fat for delivery and breastfeeding and larger uterus.

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