A Mom’s Tips for Losing weight after C-section (Cesarean)/ Pregnancy

losing weight after C-section or pregnancy

For all the young pretty mommies who really want to shed the weight gained during pregnancy and after, I don’t know whether my tips might help you, But I am sure it’s not going to harm you! Losing weight after C-section is hard but can be done if we consciously implement clean eating

It’s not that I am writing this after successfully reducing my weight after a cesarean section. Just like you all, I have undergone C-section 3 months back and it’s my second baby. I had a normal delivery first and had gained 24 kgs during my pregnancy time. I was 53 kg and ended up with 77 kg. Got a healthy baby and I was able to reduce what I gained and that too just in 7 months I thought it’s because I had a normal delivery.

For my second baby, unfortunately, it was a C-section as the baby was in breach position. This time, I had gained 21 kg. Now with 3 months I lost 9 kg. So I think my plan is working which I would love to share with you all. Basically, I am a person who loves food like many of you and, whatever happens, I can’t live to starve. So dieting is not my way and of course, exercise is not at all there in my dictionary. And it’s true that we don’t get time for exercises if we wanna do it too, so girls like me, might enjoy my tips.

When you gain weight, automatically you reduce your confidence. And of course gaining weight is not all that good for your health. First of all, we need to keep a watch on our breast milk, nothing should harm its quantity as well as quality when trying to lose weight after C-section or normal delivery. Our baby’s health is more important for us than anything so here come my sweet and simple tips.

Tips for Losing weight after C-section (Cesarean)/ Pregnancy

reduce weight after pregnancy

Tip 1: Early morning after brushing your teeth, don’t just rush to have a heavy breakfast. Of course breakfast is a must but starts your day with a black tea and healthy biscuits, try to have a full pack biscuit, (make sure that’s only Marie gold or Marie light or any biscuit without cream). Give a break for two hours. This will make you eat less for breakfast.

Tip 2: Drink plenty and plenty of water. Drink the maximum. That will definitely help you with breast milk. Whenever you feel hungry, first have two glasses of water then eat little.

Tip 3: one cup of green tea a day. Trust me, that is going to refresh you. But don’t have more than one cup. That will affect your breast milk.

Tip 4: cut down eating rice. Make sure it’s chapatis for dinner. Eat 3 or 4, not more than that. Cutting down on carbohydrates is essential for losing weight after c-section or pregnancy

Tip 5: Avoid cow’s milk. I know that many can’t do it. But try it, I hope it will work.

Tip 6: Eat chicken and avoid beef and mutton. Doesn’t mean that daily you need to eat chicken but to avoid the other two is more important. Chicken has helped me in having breast milk.

Tip 7: if you really want to eat heavy food something like biriyani, never stop yourself. Have so much. It’s the happiness of our mind that matters. Cut down food properly for the next two days and eat clean.

Tip 8: After 3 months post-surgery, do climb stairs. Shift your room upstairs. Then, of course, you will have to climb up and down for every single need. And this is the best exercise

Tip 9: oats can help you so much with breast milk. Eat oats as one meal.

Tip 10: Try avoiding coconut oil for cooking. Use sunflower oil.

Tip 11: Fruits: Eat fruits or take it as juices which will help you with motion.

Tip 12: Give yourself a time gap. Understand that you have gained this heavy weight with 9 months. So give at least 9 months for yourself

Tip 13: Breastfeed your baby well. This is the most important tip. Just breastfeeding can also help you in losing weight after c-section or normal delivery .Breastfeeding will help you reduce the weight around your belly

Girl’s I have many more tips to regain your looks after your delivery. It’s all that I have discovered myself. I wish all mommies looks very beautiful and start loving being pregnant. Whenever someone tells you that you have gained so much, say that being a mom is not an easy task. Take everything as a challenge. If you want to reduce, you will reduce. Never give up if your weighing machine didn’t show you any hope after few days. Hard work always pays. You will lose weight! !

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