Homemade sprouted Ragi flour/Nachni flour/Powder (Step by Step)

Ragi/finger millet is the richest source of iron, Calcium and Pottasium. Italso contains amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, methionine and phenyl alanine).

In some places it is given as baby’s first food. Sprouted Ragi increases the bioavailability of iron that is 8 times higher than cow’s milk. Sprouted Ragi powder is easy to make. For babies it is given as ragi Porridge It can be added to Idly, Dosa batter, pancakes, biscuits, cake batter etc. Most of them add milk to the ragi porridge. Don’t mix any kind of milk to Ragi porridge even breast milk. The calcium can decreases the iron absorption.

And also avoid using store brought Ragi flour for babies they will mix other ingredients for sure. If you are a working mom or you can’t make it for any other reason you can use organic Ragi flour. There are a lot of organic stores available online.

Homemade Sprouted Ragi Powder /Flour

1. Wash the Ragi seeds thoroughly.
ragi flour

2. Soak the Ragi seeds in water overnight.

3. Drain away the excess water and place the Ragi in a soft or muslin cloth
ragi flour

4. Tie the cloth and place it in a vessel so that the excess water gets drained. If there is excess water in the vessel where the tied cloth is placed, it can delay sprouting.
ragi flour

5. After 12 -24 hrs. you can see tiny sprouts
ragi flour

6. You can then sundry it by spreading it on a cloth. If you don’t have luck for sun you can dry it under fan also.
Some dry it on a pan under low flame it takes a long time and the excessive heat can destroy enzymes and vitamins of cereal.

7. After sun drying you can roast it on a low flame until the last moisture goes off
ragi flour

8. After cooling it down. Put the roasted ragi in a blender and blend it. It takes a long time to get that powder. Your grinder can heat up, so in between take a pause .continue blending after it cools down.
ragi flour

Ragi powder /flour should be finely powdered. Store it an air tight container. It stays for 1 – 2 month. You can also refrigerate in a air tight container.

ragi for kids

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