Broccoli Pakoda

Recipe by Aakanksha Grover

Great evening snack for kids and adults .



4-5 broccoli florets steamed

1/2cup besan

1tsp ajwain

1/4tsp red chilli powder

1/4tsp coriander powder

Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients with 1/4cup water. Coat the broccoli florets in the besan batter Now on a grill pan pour a few drops of oil and put the dipped broccoli floret on it. Turn it when it is golden brown. keep turning till you see nice golden brown color on both sides Your broccoli pakodas are ready. Healthy and yummy evening snack for weight watchers too

Aakanksha Grover is happily married and has 2 kids. She got married in 2007 and had her first child in 2008 and the second in 2014. She has been a foodie all her life. She loved to see her mom and sisters cook from where she started to learn how to cook.

Her passion of cooking forced her to choose her higher education in something related to the same. She graduated and post graduated in Home Science from Lady Irwin College Delhi University, after which she worked as a home science teacher in a very reputed school of Delhi.

Now because of her husbands work she resides outside India and is working as a full time mom which gave her opportunities of trying healthy nutritious food for kids toddlers and babies.

She is more than happy to share her recipes with us.

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