Carrot Puree for babies| carrot Puree for baby

carrot puree for baby,carrot recipe for baby

Carrot purees are perfect for 6-7month old baby .Carrot puree for baby is easy to make and healthy. As the first vegetable, they are good but there are concerns regarding the nitrate level in carrots so better to wait until your baby is at least 6 months old to offer cooked carrots that could cause a type of anemia in young infants.Otherwise, carrots are nutritious and easy to digest.

At 6 month, you can start introducing carrot puree for baby. Always better to start with 1 ingredient as the recipe ,make sure your baby is not allergic to it then you can give a combination of those given, for example, you can give carrot today, the next day you can give banana then the other day you can combine both carrot and banana.

“3 day wait rule” is outdated as per the latest study and offering a variety food at the earliest reduces allergy, but always make a note what you are giving to the baby especially if your family is prone to food allergies- better to follow the 3 day wait rule or atleast wait 2 days.

Cooked carrots are more nutritious than a raw one. Organic or home grown carrots are better. Carrot puree for baby is easy to make. Soft and smooth food is better for digestion before moving to thicker food. You can easily puree or mash the cooked carrot

Carrot Puree for baby 6-7 month

1. Take a fresh medium carrot. Wash it well with water. Peel the carrot skin
2. Cut or slice the carrot into small pieces

How to cook carrots for babies

carrot puree for baby,carrot for baby
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1. You can use a steamer

2. You can use a cooker.

Place the sliced carrot( as in step 2) in a small vessel that fits in your cooker. The cooker should be filled with some water .Place the small vessel with the carrot in the cooker with water. Close the lid and cook for 2-3 whistles. The carrots after cooking should be smooth and easy to blend in a mixer. To make puree ,blend it in a mixer until smooth .Make sure there are no big lumps in the puree.


4. You can boil carrot in a saucepan or a pan

carrot puree for baby,cook carrot for baby
Wash, peel and slice the carrot into small pieces. Place the sliced carrot in a pan with water .The water must cover the carrot. Cook the carrot for 10-15 min on medium heat until the carrot can be easily pricked with a sharp knife. After cooking, drain the water and blend it in a blender to make the purée. The drained water can be used to dilute the puree. Better to dilute the puree with breastmilk or formula
You can serve this puree in a sterilized bowl. Check the temperature before feeding it to your baby


  • No salt or sugar for babies until 1 year old
  • You can adjust the consistency of the puree by diluting the puree with breastmilk or formula or boiled, cooled water. You can gradually make it into thicker puree or mash because its important for your baby to get used to the different texture.
  • If your baby dont like the taste of carrot puree.Keep offering them some other day.It may take 15 times or so of trying for a baby to like a food.

Benefits of carrot for babies

Carrots contain beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A helps in baby’s eyes and vision. Carrots help in building the immune system. Carrots are rich in fiber, calcium vitamin C,and some iron.

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