Njavara rice/Red rice for low weight babies

njavara rice for low weight baby.red rice.navara recipes

Njavara rice/Red rice/Navara has got many health benefits. Mostly cultivated in Kerala, this rice is used as a safe weaning food for babies.


Njavara Rice Baby Food recipes

 Navara rice Powder recipe

  • Soak Navara rice in water for 30 minutes.
  • Drain water completely and Powder the Red Rice
  • Dry it moisture free by gently heating the powder for a few minutes or drying the powder in sunlight.

This powder is used for making porridge .Mix 1 tbsp of njavara rice powder with water and jaggery syrup . Cook on a low flame until the mixture becomes semi-solid so that its well cooked


 Porridge recipe -1

  • Navara Rice 15 gm
  • Jaggery 1 tsp

Method: Boil the ingredients in 100 ml of water. When the porridge starts boiling, keep on a low flame so that it doesnt stick to the pan and continue heating until it becomes semi-solid. This rice takes a long time to cook. Cooking in pressure cooker can reduce time

 Njavara Rice porridge-2

  • Soak the rice in water for 30 min -1 hr
  • Grind this soaked rice with water in a grinder.You can filter the mixture before boiling for small babies so that no lumps form
  • Add jaggery syrup to this mixture and cook on a low flame till the mixture becomes semi-solid so that its well cooked.

I usually prepare by the above method.
Some babies don’t like the taste of the rice porridge as such. You can add mashed banana or any fruit/veg puree for these babies.

breast milk or formula is used to adjust the consistency of porridge

In Kerala,porridge is prepared by powdering both njavara rice and kunnan variety of banana

Njavara Rice – dates porridge recipe

To increase the nutritional value and taste you can add ghee, milk/formula milk, cardamom powder , almond powder according to baby’s age.

Njavara rice health benefits

Njavara rice/red rice increases baby’s weight and is a natural energizer. Pregnant mothers can take this to increase fetus body weight. This medicinal rice is used in treatments for many diseases. Njavara is used in Navarakizhi, a specialty treatment from Kerala’s traditional medicine.
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