Wheat (Dalia) Porridge recipe for toddlers, Kids and Adults

Recipe by Shilpi Kaushal

Porridge is a good source of nutrients like carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin a and iron. It is a wholesome and satisfactory food for toddlers, kids

and all age group family members.

It can be prepared salty and sweet as per likings of toddlers and Kids.
Wheat (Dalia) should be roasted till brown sizzling color before and can be powdered for easy and sooner preparation, simple recipe but yet more healthy and nutritional than Bread, butter and other ready to eat breakfasts available in markets.

For working mom’s like me soaking the ingredients and then pressure cooker whistle is better option as it is prepared in 5-10 mins and be served in minutes with green chutney and butter milk prepared previous night.


  • 1 tbsp broken wheat Dalia roastedpowder.
  • 2 tbsp Green Moong dal
  • 2 tbsp Ghee
  • 1 tbsp almond powder
  • Cumin Seeds and salt (for salty Dalia)
  • Sugar or jaggery syrup (for sweet Dalia)


Soak the broken wheat Dalia and Green Moong dal for ½ an hour Now Pressure cooker with 2 cups of water and wait for 4 whistles.


Method for Salty Dalia

  1. Open the cooker and boil till a smooth texture is prepared Put salt according to taste.
  2. Add little water if required.
  3. Add the almond powder.
  4. Prepare a Ghee tadka with cumin seeds and Ghee and put it into the boiled Dalia.
  5. Transfer this into bowl and Server lukewarm with buttermilk and green coriander chutney.


Method for Sweet Dalia

  1. Open the cookerand after it cools blend it in a mixer.
  2. Add milk in pan and transfer the contents to it.
  3. Add the almond powder
  4. Boil till a smooth mixture is prepared
  5. Add sugar or jaggery syrup according to taste


Handy tips

  1. Boiled Palak leaves can be added to salty dalia in small quantity for iron and vitamins.
  2. Fruits like apple banana can be added in sweet daliato porridge to enhance the taste.
  3. Green chutney and Buttermilk can be served with salty Dalia.
  4. Dry fruits like dates and cashews can be added for kids who need weight gain.
  5. Ghee and butter can added for adding fat contents for weight gain.
  6. Do not add articial flavors’ as this may destroy the real and traditional taste of Dalia.
  7. Contents can be blended so that no lump is remained.
  8. Flours like ragi and rice can be added in small quantities for adding more nutritional value.


Nutrient values for 1 cup



Shilpi Kaushal is happily married with a kid whom she consider a birthday Gift by God in 2013.She loves cooking and likes to do experiments.She is working and tries to maintain balance between her work life and family life. In her leisure time she likes to participate in discussion on parenting and kids.

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