Mom must know: What to do when kids fall down

Kids are always prone to fall off from bed, chair, or even trip down while walking. The more active your kid, the more falls. And its common babies roll off the bed while crawling or sleeping.

Before the ‘mommy guilt’ strikes it’s better to be safe by always putting them on a safe height less than 3 feet. Yeah, my baby also had falls 3 or more times but he was fine.

Falling from a height greater than 3 feet can result in injury especially if head hits on the floor. It is normal to vomit once after the fall but if vomiting continues see the doctor for further investigations.

What to do after kids fall

  1. Console your baby first. Don’t panic
  2. Check out hands, legs, head and body for any bumps, bruises, swelling, deformity, fracture, redness, inability to move
  3. If suspecting neck and spinal cord injury. Don’t move the child. Call your doctor
  4. If bleeding, check to see how severe the wound is. Bleeding can be controlled by giving pressure. If not controlled see the doctor, wounds with gaps may need stitches or steri-strips
  5. A small bump or bruise can occur. If child is acting fine and normal .Apply ice pack
  6. HEAD INJURIES: Bleeding and concussion are the possible injuries that can occur to brain. Danger signs are:
  • After a fall it’s normal to vomit once. If vomiting continues see the doctor
  • If child is unconscious even for a short time. Call the doc
  • Change in colour from pink to pale or blue or any breathing problems.
  • Rapid swelling, bruising above the ear is a danger sign
  • Unable to walk, talk, neck pain, bleeding or fluid leaking from nose or ear
  • A large bump or skull indentation
  • Unequal pupils, rolling of eyes, twitching of one side of body, headache
  • Drowsy or even crying without stopping
  • Seizures
  • Worsening symptoms

If any of the above symptoms occur call your doctor immediately or rush to nearby emergency

If child is active with normal activities she may be normal. But check her status in between even if she is sleeping.

Has anyone of your baby had a fall?

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