6 Ways to Make Reading a Habit in Children

Have you seen some children read without any pressure from their parents? Part of your responsibility, as a parent is to teach them or pass then with some valuable habits. One of the Good habits you can teach your Kid is to develop the Reading habit.


Start reading aloud to your newborns. It has proven over and over that reading creates imagination and for these children it will be easy to understand and grasp the complex ideas, languages what they later teach in schools

Reading should be made fun and shouldn’t be forced upon children. When they start losing interests, ask him questions, this may develop curiosity in them and encourage reading more

For small children books with minimal text and maximal illustration is best. Schedule a specific time in a day for reading, like before bed.

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More ways to Encourage Reading in children

  1. A Reading Nook: Creating a reading corner within the house is a beautiful way to encourage reading.
  2. Book series: Opt for buying a collection of Books having the sequences or the same character in a series of books. These way children will be curious to read the whole series.
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  3. Finishing a book within a given time and giving assignments such as what are the important things they liked about it or summaries the whole book in say 500 to 1000 words.
  4. If the book is related to science let them do some experiments that were in the book, research more about the topic from other sources like the internet. If its history, visiting that place is a good idea. Researching and reading more about the topics creates more interest in reading.
  5. Go to the Library/Shop. Let them select the books they want to read. Many libraries also offer great children activities such as book clubs, story time groups, crafting groups.
  6. Inviting friends to home for a great read aloud time: This helps in learning about the meanings and messages in a story. They can engage with by listening and discussing.

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