Anecdotes from Real life between a Parenting Consultant and her daughter #2

As a fresh off the boat mama, I am constantly in awe of parenting consultants. They always seem to have the grueling task of raising children well and staying unscathed during the whole process tucked beautifully under their belts.

But how surprised would you be if i told you that parenting consultants are in fact as human as us mamas?

Presenting Jaseena; parenting consultant, mama and her insatiably curious 7 year old daughter – Mahek! Follow this adorable pair in a funny new written series on DrMomZine. Everything from “mama how do you know what i want without asking me?” To “mama, where do babies come from?” dealt with here in the most humorous conversations ever between a mama and her kiddo.

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Food by any other name

She looks at the food on the dining table and pronounces “so today is horrible food day”

Mamma: Horrible food day?

Mahek: Yes its bad food day
She declares that loud and clear.

Mamma: Is it bad food day?

Mahek: I do not like anything that has been cooked today

Mamma: I know, but you don’t say it’s horrible food day. The rest of like what has been cooked. You can say something better

Mahek: Okay. Today is not a good food day
After 5 minutes she takes a bite into the food and says ”Even if I say it’s a good food day, the taste still doesn’t change mamma. So why should I not say horrible food?”

Mamma: True, the taste doesn’t change when you change the words and you can have your opinion on that.

Mahek: that’s the right opinion I gave in the beginning itself.

Mamma: But when you give you stance about food or people it’s always nicer to state your opinion using words that aren’t too strong.

Mahek: Wouldn’t it be better if you cooked better food so that I can say better words???

Mamma has to work on her culinary skills a lot more

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