Baby Development: DIY Sensory Board for Babies and Toddlers

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Baby’s development takes place so fast.They are so curious and sponge like ,that they absorb like anything. My son needs to be busy all the time otherwise he gets bored easily.So if you have a kid who is very active ,you have probably looked out for activities to keep him busy- a busy board is a nice idea.All you have to do is repurpose all the stuff that is available in your home. I know a lot of moms creating fun ideas and activities which not only helps in baby development but also creates strong mother-child bonding and helps in cherished childhood memories.If you have seen “Dear Zindagi “(Bollywood movie)you know what I meant.I am really thrilled to share with you this DIY sensory board made by Aysha for her adorable son Adam.

Baby development ideas: Busy board for babies and toddlers

This Superhero sensory board was a surprise,fully hand-made by his mom to Adam. He hates sleeping on his cot so she fixed this board on the cot’s headboard so that now it is a happy place for him .It took only 2 days for her to make such a board. Thank you Aysha for sharing this creativity with us!

What is a sensory board used for?

Sensory play encourages your baby to use his senses: sight, touch, hear, taste, and smell. Sensory board is a board in which you attach objects to be explored by the baby to encourage his senses or you can say it is a homemade activity board for a toddler or baby. Here she has used mainly objects which improve tactile or touch sense and also sight but you can use anything according to your creativity or that is available at home

Consider safety and also choose objects based on your kid’s interest when making this busy board .If you are using simple things like sensory bags, rugs, ribbons, cloth, mirror etc you don’t have to use tools to screw it in,just use Velcro tapes or super glueso that you can even remove it and screw or stick something else if they get bored.

do it yourself

In the words of Aysha

  • The base is a painting easel or you can take a lightweight wood piece which then I covered it in grey felt wool.
  • You can collect whatever interests your little one and screw it down.
  • You can cut the letters and symbols from a felt and paste it with bond glue
  • This sensory board has a little sensor light that lights up when there is a movement.
  • The cylinder on the side is a tennis ball container that holds his magnets.He loves putting his hands into containers, so I leave a little something for him to pull out of it.
  • There is a mirror which he can open and peep into and see my world.
  • There is a little wheel that he can turn around and see the colors whirl.
  • Hand cut all the super hero symbols and the letters.
  • Then there are the switches that he can switch on and off and locks he can fiddle with. Its all screwed down so I can change the fixtures when his interest change. He loves keys and locks and switches and magnets and dials.

Just pick up spares in your house and screw it on to a board. Add some design elements. Voila!


And you can keep changing the fixtures to keep the interest going. Add some paper and crayons for an arty kid. A safe scissors, felt and make a collage board. Add a big mirror, stick some containers.Add some talcum powder, a safe lipstick, kajal and bindis for the makeup lovers, so many possibilities!

Early brain development facts/baby development fact

The first five and especially the first three years of a child’s life are the most important. They shape the brain’s organization, development, and functioning throughout life.
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