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I was looking for night time diapering solutions. I hated to disturb my little one’s sleep with diaper changes every 4 hours even at night.

The huge recurring cost of stocking up with disposables and my contribution to pollutants in landfills were bothering me too. But I was quite bewildered with the various new terminologies, the plethora of options on offer. Then I came across Easy Feel Products – started by Shikha Nitansh Garg – a fellow -mom passionate about protecting baby from hazards of over-exposure to toxic chemicals, and preserving the health of environment as well.

Easy Feel Products successfully solved my predicament of choosing best quality products at an affordable price. Shikha Nitansh Garg patiently explained all the different options in modern cloth diapers, comparing the relative merits of the types of inserts available. She expertly de-mystified the baffling world of MCDs for me. She even suggested which combinations would be better suited for my heavy wetter, tummy –sleeper. What is best is that most of her products are tested on her own toddler, so I could be sure there would be no compromise on quality. I ordered one of each type suggested.

The first thing that impressed me about Easy Feel Products was the fast delivery and the professional packaging, easily comparable with parcels from Hopscotch and Firstcry. And the added surprise – the freebie! – A small gift to welcome me on board the CDing journey.

My First Buy – Double Gusset Bamboo Charcoal (BC) Pockets: These diapers were uniquely designed compared to what was then available in the Indian market – tummy guard to prevent accidental leaks from babies who sleep on their tummy, front opening for inserts, making it easier to remove inserts from poopy diapers, square tabs with hip snaps for better fit. In fact, Easy Feel Products was the first to come up with the charcoal bamboo double gusset pockets – the best combination of stay-dry feeling and effective protection from leaks by heavy-wetters/EBF baby poop. Shikha also emailed me her wash-care-prepping instructions – detailed, step by step – making my first steps even easier

4 months down the line, Easy Feel Products have become the staples in diapering my toddler. Some of the advantages of the Products that I regularly use:

  • The double gusset BC pockets are perfect for the nights.
  • The trim bamboo AIOs are excellent for outings, easily lasts 4 hours with no leaks.
  • The newly-launched hand-made fleece liners add to the AIOs the appeal of stay-dry feeling, and giving further impetus towards quitting disposables.
  • The THX hemp fitteds are the bomb – soaks from all sides, lasts easily up to 12 hours, and though a little higher in price, are perfect solutions for babies who are real heavy wetters.
  • For those to whom price is a factor, the bamboo velour fitteds can be equally appealing – the same all around protection at a lesser cost, though may be for a lesser time. • The superior quality hemp and soft bamboo-cotton inserts can be used all by themselves without doublers for 3 hours or more.
  • Easy Feel Products’ pure bamboo inserts – soft as silk, trim as paper and soaking capacity unbelievable, are a first of its kind. These or the 4 layer pure hemp inserts can be used with just one microfiber layer on top, providing a neat leak-proof overnight diapering option, eliminating the need for bulky triple-stuffing.
  • The training pants, soft and cute, are really good for starting potty-training.
  • The Easy Feel Products Busha Pants have unique prints and are of a better quality than most sold in the market at that price range – no sliding down from the waist, no unraveling of stitches from the joining of legs.


Shikha Nitansh Garg, often called the Encyclopedia of Modern Cloth Diapering in our ever-expanding Indian cloth diapering Facebook community, is always abreast with latest research and new inventions. Easy Feel Products is constantly coming up with new varieties in eco-friendly, international –quality reasonably priced products. It has become a pioneer not only in the MCD arena of India but also in the field of sustainable menstruation – a revolutionary means to protect the environment and take care of womanly hygiene and health.

The Easy Feel Mamma-Fluff : Hand-Made cloth pads, are not only soft and stain-resistant but surprisingly combines the goodness of natural material with the convenience of stay dry feel, and contrary to expectations, very easy to clean. I have decided never to go back to using evil-smelling, over-drying, rash-causing environmental pollutants that are disposable sanitary napkins.

It would be easier though if Easy Feel Products gets its own website with payment gateway, makes browsing through the products easier. However Easy Feel Products was one of the first WAHM venture of MCDs to feature in the renowned online store MyBabyCart. Looking forward to even more new varieties that Easy feel Products will come up with this New Year!



Sebanti Roy Chowdhury is a post-grad in Microbiology and very much conscious about the impact of harmful effects of toxic chemicals on the environment. A former entrepreneur and now a SAHM of a 2 year old son, she is enthusiastic about all things sustainable. She strives to eliminate the use of all kind of disposables from her household and loves cooking from the scratch.

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