Daily must do things for your baby’s development

Baby’s brain develops over the time with balanced nutrition and skills learned. The brain develops at a very fast phase during the first year.

This is where you can follow with everyday routine and activities for your baby. Here are some things which you can do daily for a healthy smart baby:

1. Breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed: There are studies that proves even a three day of breastfeed is a great immunity booster and have linked to smarter kids.


2. When baby cries, pick them up, breast feed on demand. Skin to skin contact helps in production of breast milk.


3. Practice attachment parenting, sleep with them.


4. For babies started on solids ensure daily to give a balanced diet, a diet that have more fat than fibers unlike adults diet. Include iron, calcium, protein rich food it is not that you should avoid other vitamins and minerals. Breast milk doesn’t contain adequate amount of iron for babies after 6 months. So it is always better to check the iron level at 9 months and supplement if needed


For picky eaters and underweight babies “variety” is the key especially in the first year when their taste preferences are being formed. For them you can add calorie rich foods, they tend to eat in small amount so make sure each spoon is packed with nutrients.

You can add ghee, nuts like almond powder, sprouted lentils, vegetable purees in dosa, idly, pancake etc if baby’s age is appropriate.

5. Sunshine vitamin is a must: vitamin D also known as sunshine vitamin is difficult to find it in food alone. Your baby needs a 10 to 15 minute of sunlight exposure daily. Many lab results show a decrease amount of vit-D compared to olden days. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium, prevents rickets, it helps to reach the genetically programmed height and body mass, cell growth etc. vitamin D also supports immune function which keeps us strong and able to fight off colds and flues.


6. A good baby massage and bath: Massaging a baby stimulates the brain resulting in happier and less fussy baby. A good massage with appropriate oil according to the changing seasons and a relaxing bath makes a baby sleep better, relief of colic, constipation etc and makes a baby happier. A simple massage can also work magic.


7. Stimulate your baby’s brain:

The incredible growth in babies’ development is the first three years of life. Stimulation of brain through day to day activities can help a baby in a great way. Make sure you do the following daily.

  • Talk to them: Talk to your newborn and toddlers, they will enjoy. when you talk to your newborn, go close to them so he can see you better. Talk about anything that’s around shapes, colors etc
  • Place your baby on stomach for few minutes each day (tummy time), this develops their gross motor skills which helps in brain development
  • Read to them: reading helps in many ways. it’s never too early to start. Buy board books, picture books, flash cards. They will enjoy
  • Play with them: play peek-a-boo, games with rattles, rings, dolls, balls, mirror game.
  • Each words, each eye contact you make, each time when you make them laugh you are growing a confident smart kid
  • Age appropriate toys: Toys aren’t just toys. They play a beautiful role in your baby’s life. When you choose a toy, a toy should stimulate as many senses as possible so that baby can see, hear, feel, and have fun with it. Stacking rings or blocks can stimulate baby’s brain
  • Age appropriate skills and daily chores that will improve their motor, cognitive, verbal and sensory skills for eg. Give them balls, let them roll it and try to grab. A 1 year can do activities like finger/hand painting, scooping, identify objects, stacking rings etc A 2 year old can help with putting clothes and toys in appropriate places, matching objects, sorting, solving puzzles, pouring etc
  • Music and daily prayers: Exposing the baby to a soothing music releases endorphin resulting in a calmer and possibly smarter baby. Exposé him to music from classical to rock n roll with low volume And a daily recitation or chanting prayers to your baby can also help them.




Socializing with others: Some babies are inherently shy but you can encourage your baby from the beginning to play with other kids. If your baby cries seeing others they need to be with them more often and get comfortable. Please go with your baby in such gatherings instead of avoiding such situations , get them adjusted to it and also teach your child to say ‘hello’, ’bye’ to others whom they meet. They will eventually start mingling with others

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What are things you do for your baby on daily basis?

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