eKAVACH: India’s First Digital Parenting Application

eKAVACH Indias first digital parenting application offers unique insights about the online activities of kids,

to help parents to monitor and engage with their children . Parents can receive instant notifications about their child’s online activity and change settings on the move help to support a child’s needs . it enables you to block specific web categories, sites, in appropriate content, set appropriate time limits, limit access by days or times of day, and enable “safe search” to block harmful sites from search results. Also receive real-time notifications of any violations on your phone. it has got many other features also like sms and call monitoring, cyber bullying protection, chat room monitoring etc

The current release, eKAVACH v1.0, focuses around internet content safety, internet time and application management. This is currently available free to all parents. Upcoming releases in eKAVACH v2.0 will include social media monitoring, IM and chat room monitoring, cyber bullying protection, phone call/SMS and phone media monitoring. eKAVACH v3.0 will include location-based services for physical security of children.

eKAVACH app is available free for a limited period of time

App link: ekavach

Source: http://www.yourekavach.com

photo credit:ekavach



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