How to raise a smart kid who loves to read

According to a research from the Institute of Education (IOE), Children who read for pleasure are likely to do significantly better at school than their peers.

Every parent wants their child to be smart, get good grades in school. But most parents think they don’t have to do anything for their kids, they will just acquire it when time comes. And what happens is when kids starts school most of them become book allergic.

i am not saying only reading can raise a successful smart kid but reading makes a lot of influence on how they think, their grasping power and also improve their numerical skills like mathematics. The best way to increase your child’s I.Q is by motivating them to read. And studies shows that good students lead a happier and successful living, they are better in decision making and are responsible.

Are you reading?

Kids are watching you. They will follow your example. If they see you watching diya aur bati hum or quobool hai (Indian tv serials), they will end up learning dialogues. Its better o be early than late.

  1. Read to your newborn they will love the change of voice sounds.
  2. Read to your children: studies show that reading to children six to seven days a week puts them almost a year ahead of those who are not being read to. It was also found that reading to small children has a positive effect on the development of numeracy skills.
  3. Build a home library in kid’s room: library should include comic books, news paper,”how stuff works” kind of books apart from their favorite books.
  4. Gift them books. Reading is a valuable gift you can give to them
  5. Create a reading time in home. You can read with them
  6. Some children won’t read, its ok, don’t push them, but encourage them with picture books, cartoon comic books. If you think they have learning problems. Do the needful. And don’t start reading to him once he himself starts reading. Just be with him and support him.
  7. Exchange your T.V time with reading time: serials and programmes will repeat next day also when kids are in school 🙂 Don‘t nurture TV habit in children, its addictive. Nourish them with reading habit.


Do you know Dr. Ben Carson?

How reading changed Ben Carson’s life from a ‘dummy’ student to a world renowned neurosurgeon, philanthropist, journalist.
Read it here: 

What are your kids reading these days? Please share some age appropriate books.



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