Kids and Toddlers: Tips to reduce Digital Device Attraction

Smart Phones and TV attraction cannot be ignored in this busy world of working parents. But do you know?

This can hamper your child’s growth and thinking abilities. Kids and Toddler learn naturally more coordination and develop new skills of thinking when they play or get indulge in some interesting activities which they like.

Here are some easy tips which can help you to avoid attraction of kids towards Smart Phones and TV:

  1. More the Brightness more the clarity – Reduce the Brightness of the screen to distract the interest of kids\toddler from Smart Phones screen.
  2. Spend time outdoors – Engage the kid to see nature beauty like moon, stars and birds and make them learn and speak by telling them the things holding their tiny fingers and next time ask them. Slowly and steadily you will see that your kid has learned a lot!
  3. Indulge Outdoor Play – Engage the kids in activity like walking along with you in nearby parks or parking area of your apartments.
  4. Say No to Gadgets in Bed Room – You and your partner have to develop a habit of not using smartphones and TV in front of kids in the bedroom, additionally this will help in proper and undisturbed sleep for all of you and a regular alarm clock can be used for morning alarms. Remember, if the kid watches you using the smartphones she will also try to copy you. So it’s up to you for becoming her ROLE MODEL!
  5. Choosing right kind of Toys for Kids – Instead of battery operated toys you can buy Color books and crayons for kids and watch them painting their imaginations.
  6. Record your favorite shows – Remember raising a child is not a cake walk! You can record your favorite shows and watch them when your kid is sleeping or you can watch them online in absence of your kid.
  7. Playing with other kids around – Try to help your kids to play with the neighborhood friends\relatives around you. For this benefit you also have to socialize with neighbors to make your kid, friendly with their kids.


Shilpi Kaushal is happily married with a kid whom she consider a birthday Gift by God in 2013.She loves cooking and likes to do experiments.She is working and tries to maintain balance between her work life and family life. In her leisure time she likes to participate in discussion on parenting and kids.

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