Eggs for babies: When can baby eat Eggs with Egg Recipes

eggs for babies

Eggs for Babies: Eggs are highly nutritious as it contains many nutrients, especially protein, Iron, calcium, choline, potassium etc.Giving eggs to babies is one of the biggest fear among parents as it is a common cause of allergy in children than adults.

Eggs for babies: When can baby eat Eggs

Earlier it was said egg yolk (yellow part) to be introduced around 8 months  and the egg white after 1 year.

But recent research shows that introducing whole eggs early can actually help  lower your baby’s chance of developing an egg allergy. So start eggs for babies as early as possible!

The 2015 review emphasizes that it is  important for your baby to continue to eat foods such as whole eggs on a regular basis once the foods have been introduced.

How to choose healthy eggs

Healthy and nutritious eggs come from hens that had no antibiotics and eat a diet free of animal by-products.

Choose eggs from local farmers which are organic and the hens should be kept cage free, fed with more omega 3 rich diet and natural hens diet like bugs, worms etc, free of hormones and chemicals. A healthy and real egg will have the yolk dark yellow or orange color and the shell should be thick


  • As Research shows it is better to introduce eggs as early as you introduce solid foods. If your baby has a history of food allergy or your family is having any kind of food allergy it is better to introduce after talking to your pediatrician.
  • Egg yolks can be given first and if there is no allergy you can start with egg white or whole egg as egg white is the allergen.
  • Always better to give little by little like 1 teaspoon a day increasing the quantity as days pass by.
  • There is a chance that your baby won’t like the egg because of its smell and texture but any food if introduced consistently for more than 15 times, babies may take it.
  • Better to buy organic pastured local farmers egg.
  • ALWAYS cook Egg fully as undercooked or raw egg may contain salmonella which causes food poisoning

How do I know if the baby is allergic to egg?

Symptoms like rashes, hives, vomiting, abdominal cramps, nasal congestion, breathing difficulty, shortness of breath. Immediately rush to the nearby doctor if any symptoms appear.


Egg Recipes: Recipes to start with

1. Hard Boiled Yolk For Babies

Boil the whole egg in water for around 10 minutes. Separate the yolk from the white. You can give the yolk first

After introducing yolk,  you can then mix it with porridge, Purees, Rice by mashing the yolk

You can also give with chapatis or dosa.

boiled egg for kids

2. Egg fry

Separate yolk from the egg.Beat it with some salt and then pour into the pan with some oil

You can add onion, vegetables like shredded carrots, tomatoes, palak etc. and also try adding little spices. Adding some milk to the beaten egg, you can get fluffy egg omelette or the cloud omelette


egg fry

3. Pancakes

Mix egg, wheat flour, sugar or honey, milk, vanilla essence, ghee. Beat well. Ghee the pan and pour the batter to form a pancake. Flip when bubbles arise.

pan cake

4. Carrot banana pancake


5. Bread Toast with Egg

Beat egg with sugar, cardamom powder or vanilla essence and milk. Put the bread into the egg mix. Heat the Pan. pour some ghee and toast the bread with egg mix in the pan.

egg toast



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