Ghazal Alagh : Co-Founder of MamaEarth – A corporate trainer turned artist and a Mompreneur

mamaearth toxin free baby products india founder ghazal interview

MamaEarth is familiar to all of us now, as it is the Asia’s 1st MadeSafe certified toxin free brand launched in India which is also dermatologically – clinically tested In Europe, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

This toxin free baby range is the brainchild of Varun and Ghazal – parents to Agastya who is 2 now.To know more about their products and brand launch, we had the privilege to talk to Ghazal -An eye for creativity, ear to listen and understand mom’s issues and a strong passion to make parenting stress free, these attributes roughly sum up the lady behind India’s first certified toxin free baby care product brand – MamaEarth. Ghazal Alagh, Chief Mama of the company, A corporate trainer turned artist and mompreneur who is looking after the product development, content & community management in the company .

mamaearth toxin free baby products india


1. What was your inspiration to start MamaEarth? Can you give us a timeline, how it started?

During my stay in US, I became aware of toxins/harmful chemicals in cosmetics especially baby products. When we were expecting in India, we started looking for safer options but could not find many so we had to order products from US which was not just expensive but extremely inconvenient as well. We also realized a lot of other parents around us struggled with the same concerns. We decided we wanted to do something about it and that’s how MamaEarth was born. Today we are Asia’s 1st MadeSafe Certified Toxin free brand loaded with natural goodness that babies deserve. We are on a mission to reduce parental stress & will keep working on launching products which help us do that same.

mamaearth toxin free baby products india founder ghazal interview


2.Tell us about your products that are now available in the market

We currently have seven products in our basket, a shampoo, body wash, insect repellent, diaper rash cream, oil, lotion and sunscreen. We are available on all leading online portals like Amazon, first cry, Nykaa and snapdeal. We will soon be available on flipkart as well. In March, we will be coming out with our extensive prenatal and post-pregnancy range.

 4. Can you tell us the importance of minimizing toxic exposure to babies and why your products are a great alternative to what’s out there?

We spent significant time in researching and better understanding toxins first so that we are very clear about what we did not want in our products. We worked with MadeSafe to get our list of ingredients and the sources for the same approved which was an extensive 12 week process where they went into the depth of each and every ingredient to make sure it was not harmful from dermatology, endocrines, behavioral and even environmental impact. We also worked with aroma therapists and Ayurveda experts to understand the natural ingredients that will be best for each of our product keeping Indian weather & babies in mind. After all of this we conducted tests to ensure our products were safe for sensitive skin, had no toxicology issues and were compliant by Bureau of International Standards.

mamaearth toxin free baby products india

5. What were the biggest obstacles, problems you had in bringing up a toxin free product in to the market.

There are 8000 known toxins in the market which are widely being used by leading brands without any hesitation. Our biggest challenge was to find the best and natural ingredients that were equally effective so that we could offer non toxic and 100% safe products to our consumers at affordable and best prices.

6. You’re a mother. How does it feel to have created a product line that is safe for babies?

I feel extremely proud. Mamaearth’s promise to all parents is that it will always strive to reduce parental stress by providing safe, healthy and natural solutions to their problems.

mamaearth toxin free baby products india founder ghazal interview

7.  What is a day in a life of you like? How do you balance motherhood with a business?

A day in my life passes too quickly, I wish I could add a few extra hours to it. The pressure of achieving deadlines of work for the day and also taking sometime out to spend some quality time with my son keeps it interesting.

Ah, balancing motherhood and a start-up business is a challenge for sure & let me be honest I rarely work when Agastya is awake & around me as his well-being is top priority for me. I get 3 good hours when Agastya is at school which I use for all my social Interactions which require me to be physically or telephonically present. Otherwise nights, early morning hours & black coffee are my best friends. I use that time to do all the thinking, planning, writing & emailing. I have realized if we have a strong purpose behind what we are doing we will find the time and energy to do it.

8.What are your other hobbies?What do you do to recharge or relax.

Well, I am an artist and the best way for me to unwind is to paint and just let myself be.  Painting takes me to a different world altogether



9.Can you give some tips for all moms out there who want to start a business like you.

Dream big

Ask for help when you need it (We all need it)

Find something you are really passionate about and make it your calling, you will suddenly find a new energy which you never had.

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