Meet Amruta: Founder of Mumma Diaries

Meet Amruta: Founder of Mumma Diaries:

Hii Amruta

1. Tell us about yourself and your family

My name is Amruta Ram and I am a first time mom to my adorable baby boy, Ritwik. I married my best friend 5 years ago. Sahil always thought that he was too young to become a husband, let alone a dad! But now that we have a baby, he is the world’s coolest dad ever – super caring, super supportive and totally hands-on.

Motherhood has been the most satisfying and exhilarating journey of my life! Yes there are tose scary days, tiring days and days when I feel I am failing miserably as a mother… and then suddenly something awesome happens the very next moment which makes me feel it is all so worth the efforts!

2. You have given importance on early learning so much in your blog .Why do you think early learning is important and what all things to teach a pre-schooler?

As a kid, I always loved learning, exploring and anything & everything related to studies. Yes I had some very good teachers back then. But I wonder from where did I really get this “love for learning”? And the answer is my “mom”!

I remember how creatively she used to teach me (with the help of charts, blocks, craft, nature etc)… she made me fall in love with the concept of learning instead of getting scared of it. She made it sound so much fun! Very subtly put, she actually homeschooled me even though that concept did not really exist back then!

Very frankly, she taught me much more than what my teachers at school did! I never had to go to a tuition class, as my best and most favourite teacher was there for me 24×7 at my own home 🙂

I feel so so blessed to have had such an “enriching” learning experience, and I simply want to pass this on to my son who is presently 2 years old. So I started Montessori-inspired early learning activities with him since he was a year old! And the way he responded to it was simply amazing… he motivated me to create different learning activities for him every single day! I can see a great difference in him – be it in his fine motor skills, his learning capabilities, life skills or his focus-level! I rely on his cues & interest level to design these activities. For the simple fact, that he simply LOVES doing them.

Here according to me are few benefits of early learning:

  • Fine motor skill development: Our tiny tots probably do not need lot of encouragement when it comes to using gross motor skills (viz. walking, jumping, swaying etc!) But it’s equally important that kids work on their fine motor skills which are the small, precise thumb, finger, hand, and wrist movements — because they support a host of other vital physical and mental skills.
  • Builds a sense of order in the child – Montessori philosophy calls for keeping the play activities & shelf work “organized” – it allows child to learn the concept of keeping things ‘organized’ & ‘tidy’.
  • Creative outlet to harness their “super-energies”! Shelf work also improves child’s problem solving skills, encouraging his “reasoning abilities”.
  • Boredom buster: Kids get so easily bored with their set of toys. Yes toy rotation is helpful, but kids need some “outlet” (besides their toys, nature, outings, play dates etc) to keep themselves occupied, especially whilst at home. If they do not get this outlet (or rather if we do not provide them with such an outlet) they very conveniently find solace / happiness in screen-time, be it TV, I pad etc. Shelf work and creative play activities is a fantastic way to keep a toddler engaged and happy! Some of the quiet time activities are great to keep the kids engaged whilst you finish your house-chores.
  • Creative play widens their imagination compared to the electrical gadgets. It allows the child to explore and try on their own “new” activities, and get familiar with new objects / materials. I am not against TV or I pad. But I do not use it as a means to keep my son “busy” or “entertained”. Simply because l I pad / Computer provokes passive perception of imagination (meaning, “I am sitting…entertain me!”). Screen time offers very limited source of sensory experience.


3. Tell us how Montessori activities have helped Ritwik. and What all he has learned till now?

I have never focused on “learning” per se as an end product of our activities. Teaching him colors, numbers, alphabets has never been on my mind. These all are the by-products.

What Montessori teaches is beyond the book knowledge. It has taught my child to follow his instincts, explore and keep himself creatively engaged, with or without me!

So when I see my son picking up his own cutlery, choosing his own clothes, or wanting to help me in cooking and laundry – that’s what I deem as the main benefits of Montessori! These life skills are making him independent. He is a nature-lover! I contribute that also to Montessori!

I am not saying we do not have rough days! My son is just like any other toddler 🙂 But the beauty of Montessori are those little things he does that truly touches my heart. It is teaching him patience, grace, courtesy, creativity and life skills. We are taking it step by step, and we have a long way to go on this beautiful journey!

4. Can you give us an idea what all to teach at each stage of a baby/child as a part of early learning? it can be very useful to all the mothers out there

I am going to disappoint you here by saying it is very difficult to generalize activities. Yes, I can give you loads and loads of ideas! But my main tip to all the moms out there will be “listen to your child”…”observe your child”… and create activities based on your child’s interest level and understanding. That is my little secret 🙂

Say if your two year old loves cars – create activities that will take his / her interest to next level. Make it play-based learning. Teach counting, color recognition with cars. Teach a practical life skill by letting your child wash his / her toy cars carefully and then drying them off with a cloth. What a brilliant way to teach them basic skills. Such activities teach them how to take care of their belongings, it teaches them skills that will be useful to them when they step out in the open world.

I truly believe birth-6 years is the best period in a child’s life where their brain is receptive to learning so much! We as parents need to provide them creative outlets to harness their skills & never ending energy levels!

As for the activity ideas, you can see my YouTube Channel where I have listed and categorized activities according to age.

5. A mom, blogger, vlogger, WAHM… How do you manage it all?

Haha, frankly speaking I am really bad at managing it all…I should say I’m thriving and not managing! I go to office two days a week. My mom and mother-in-law babysit my boy then. They are a blessing 🙂 I try to finish most of the household chores, office work and my blog / vlog work when my boy naps / sleeps. Of course it is humanly impossible to get everything done on a daily basis. So it all boils down to prioritizing – so one day I will focus only on my office work, next day will be to create his activities and set up his shelf etc. There are days when I get nothing done! We do not follow any structure…we take each day as it comes. I do not stress about things. It is ok to have a messy house, or an activity shelf with no new activities… 🙂

6. What is a typical day in your life like? what do you do for your “me time”?

Mornings are crazy. I have to log in from home for my office work. That’s the first thing I do. I try to finish breakfast and other household chores, answer office emails before my son gets up. I try to work on my Vlog around this time. After my son is up, it is a whirlwind day..and he totally dictates what will happen! So I really cannot generalize my typical day, as no two days are same! But this is what happens on most of the days – the moment my son gets up, he walks to the shelf and literally “checks out” his activities! Ha! He is that obsessed 🙂 Sometimes we end up doing few activities first and then have breakfast. Then it is play time / outdoorsy time followed my lunch. In between all this I manage to work on my office emails. That’s when my activities come to rescue. So when he is busy say pouring water from one bowl to other, it gives me about 15 minutes to answer work calls / emails. If he naps I try to finish all sort of pending work. If he doesn’t nap, we tend to spend that time reading books or doing some quiet time activities. After that it is snack time followed by outside play time, meeting granny , going to market and running errands. He loves to help me and our cook in the kitchen. He loves to mix, pour, peel! He loves to sit and observe me when I’m making his fave dishes – be it pasta or a glass of orange juice 🙂 After dinner it is again play time, reading books , doing some activities!

If he sleeps early, it gives me time to finish my pending Vlog/ Office related work!

I feel as a mother it is so important to take time out and rejuvenate ourselves. Thanks to my family, I enjoy going out for movie dates with my hubby 🙂 We also try to go on quick coffee / lunch dates at times. We have also managed to go for a spa therapy once. Haha.

7. As a mother Can you share some advices on raising a healthy smart kid?

I feel a happy child is always a healthy child. Every child is smart, so I feel we should not really focus on raising smart kids…because they all are truly brilliant and creative in their own ways. We just need to make sure we do not “kill” that creativity by restricting them unnecessarily or over-disciplining them! I feel love and lots of love is the only way to raise happy, healthy children 🙂

Thanks a lot Amruta for taking time out of your busy schedule. All the best!


After finishing my graduation in biotechnology, I pursued a one year course in Nutrition and Fitness Management. I went on to do my post-graduation in Cosmetology, and currently am heading Marketing & PR for an International Skincare Brand.

But my most important qualification is that of a ‘mother’! I am a first time mom to my adorable baby boy, Ritwik. I started blogging to document this super awesome motherhood journey. I started researching on the concept of Montessori when my baby turned a year old, since I wanted to creatively harness his ample energy! I started setting up Montessori-inspired shelf activities for him, segregated across various categories. And he fell in love with them instantly. It is amazing to see him self-learn, explore and grasp things through these activities. My son is my main motivator to create new activities. I need to think ahead of him and focus on what will interest him next!

I started vlogging on youtube about our shelf work to share this amazing concept & ideas with other new mommies!

Here are the links:

Blog link:
Youtube channel:

And here you can download the Mumma Diaries introduction document

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