Meet Jubi Shabeeb-Founder of FlutterBy Boutique | A Teacher turned Kids Designer

kids fashion designer interview FlutterBy boutique

Today we are featuring Jubi shabeeb -a teacher turned kids fashion essential designer at Flutterby boutique. Find out how she started her business and check out her space at FlutterBy.

1. Tell us about yourself and your lovely brand Flutterby Boutique

I am a stay at home mother of four kids. We are a joint family from Calicut,Kerala. Flutterby makes my life even busier but I squeeze in some time, even if not every single day. Flutterby is more of a mom made brand. It all started by sewing and creating for my kids what they need and what they would love. Grown into a small business now by God’s grace, Flutterby boutique is taking its baby steps real slow.

babies diaper kit gift idea

2. How did you begin your journey? Tell us about your products

I m a graduate in Math and all I have worked in educational field. After giving up my profession as a teacher, I watched a lot of YouTube videos on crafts, quilling, crocheting, decoupage, glass painting and sewing. I tried some of those but soon found that sewing suits me better and went on with it. I tried making bags, baskets and dresses for my Kids.

I continued sewing for my household and made gifts for newborns and moms. Baby shoes were what I guess brought in all the attention, I had my cousins and friends asking for handmade gifts for them to give away. I started posting on Facebook and recently on Instagram too.


3. You have beautiful products for babies and kids. Where the idea does come from and who is in your team

Thank you! I am glad many people ,especially young mothers like my choice of fabric and colors and may be that makes our brand accepted. Most ideas comes from online pictures and tutorials, but I choose what to make according to what is useful in India. As for the quality of products, there is only one criteria – would I pay for this product for my kids?

All the pretty clippies you see on my Facebook page is made by my sister Shainy Aysha,who is settled in Ernakulam . She is such a fast learner and has a consistency on her products. She makes headbands and floral crowns too which means she heads our hair accessory department.

Lubna Rafeeque is my childhood friend and without her help, Flutterby wouldn’t reach this far. She is a Wonderful artist and seamstress and she only has to use a few of her skills to help me! Whenever there is an exhibition or a little too much of orders, I cannot handle it without her.

There is Rasha,my relative who also helped me a lot. She admires the work we do and is as excited as me when something we make turns out adorable . But she’s not on the team right now ,busy with her newborn.


4. Any advice for the entrepreneurs who wanted to start a business like you

I am one who needs advises, but I will share what I learned from my journey. It takes time to find out what you are good at and what people likes about your products. Focus on the most unique and most useful thing you can make. Be friendly and honest with your customers!
5. What is a day in a life of you like? Who looks after the children when you are at work

I dont get to Sew everyday, I cut fabrics one day, and start sewing from the next free day onwards. It may take more than a week to complete a simple project. I work while kids are school.


6. Tell us about your products

12316549_1742481695971786_2799182369633930889_nThough we maketote bags and tablet covers, we focus more on baby and kids products. Soft fabric shoes are the most popular item, we make it to order either with a dress and a hair accessory or as requested by the customers. Fabric shoes are mostly meant for pre walkers, and they are sold in sizes from 1 month to 12 months usually.
We have baby essentials like diaper pouches, baby bed and pillows and many more and we have quite a few things coming
Our car playmat is a great way to get children busy during a flight or a hospital visit. It carries match box sized cars and can be Folded to go inside any tote


7. How do you market and deliver products?

Most of our customers are from family and friends circle . Social media is another means. Orders come our way through facebook, whatsapp and instagram . We had sales at a couple of craft fairs too .

Customers either come home to pick orders or are shipped via speed post or courier . We also have home delivery within calicut city. My husband helps me with shipping, banking and buying supplies .


8 . Suggest an idea or a trick that has made your parenting easier 🙂

The lesson I have learnt is that parenting is the toughest yet most rewarding job on the planet. There are no shortcuts but I try and work when kids are away or napping.

You can reach FlutterBy on Facebook and on Instagram

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