Meet Roshni: Founder of Cuddles & Giggles (Photography)

Our Inspiring Interview for this week features Roshni of Cuddles & Giggles .Such a beautiful and genuine work! Let’s take a peek into the life of a photographer. If you are interested in photography and want to make it big, she has some great tips for you.


Cuddles & Giggles photography was started in March 2015 and specializes in capturing those special candid moments of babies and children that can be cherished by their parents for life. Photoshoots, birthday parties, Naming ceremonies, Ayush Homams, Baby showers are the candid photography services extended by Cuddles& Giggles.

Cuddles & Giggles’ expertise would be capturing baby bumps, newborn babies as small as 20-25 days old, infants, toddlers and children up to the age of 7 yrs.

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1. Tell me about Yourself and your venture :

I hail from Coimbatore and completed my VISCOM with PSG CAS, CBE. Moved to Chennai for my 2nd degree in Broadcast communication at MOP Vaishnav college for Women.

As a media student, my journey with the industry started off as a Radio Jockey with Radio city Coimbatore in 2007. As a college student, I was lucky enough to get my first full-time job at the age of 19. Then on, there has never been a look-back moment on the career front. Post the RJ days, I worked in Chennai for a production company followed by a 3.5 years stint with The Hindu newspaper in Bangalore.

Cuddles & Giggles happened over a planning period of 8 months. I went around with my camera, capturing as many kids as I could (friends, relatives) beforehand, to get myself ready for something I was going to quit my 9-5 job for. Now Cuddles&Giggles is what takes up most of my time since I am full time into it. I do shoots in Bangalore, travel to Chennai, Coimbatore and Kerala as well.

2. Tell me about your journey on becoming a photographer

I have always dreamt of starting something on my own and when I sat and thought to myself as to what is the way forward, I could not think of anything else but to pursue a career in photography because for the longest time I have known myself, I have always been awed by that machine, the camera. My camera was the first thing I gifted myself with, out of my first savings in life and that says it all 🙂

3. What tricks do you have to get real smiles from kids when taking photos

Babies are the most difficult to handle as their moods are unpredictable but at the same time very natural posers. It takes very little effort to bring out real smiles. Just let them be themselves and each frame becomes magical. Sing them rhymes, make funny noises and most importantly make the parents do crazy stuff and there you go, they crack up!

4. Tell us about your post processing.

Basic brightness adjustment and color correction is all that is part of the post-processing procedure. Photoshop and Lightroom are the software I use for this purpose. I shoot in “Manual” mode so lighting is taken care of during the shoot itself. Post-processing in most situations brings out what the photographer has in mind about a particular shot. It does make a huge difference in comparison to the actual picture captured.

5. What are your most common camera settings for newborns and infant photography? And what do you carry in your camera bag

Natural light is best for baby photography. Since all of it is shot in “Manual” mode, for anything indoor the ISO levels are set according to the amount of natural light available inside and I also use my external flash as it bounces light better, to avoid shadows. This is best with newborns. For outdoor shoots, I play around with the aperture and ISO settings depending on what time of the day the shoot is scheduled.

I use a Canon 60D and the lenses vary from a 50mm 1.4/1.8 for photoshoots to a 24mm wide angle for family group shots. The 24-70mm f2.8 is a great lens and it is something I would vouch for to cover events.

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6. What’s your favorite part about being a professional photographer, and if there are any bad things, what would they be?

Photography is creativity. You create a story out of what you see. I love the camera and the eye for perception is key to create any picture. Since I am doing it full time now, it gives me the perfect work life balance and it never gets monotonous. Each day each shoot is something different to look forward to.

As much as there are a lot of pros’ in this profession of mine, the only con could be is to do all the work by yourself. You need to be on the run and cannot take it for granted because it is your brain child. Also there is no office set up where you get to socialize with colleagues or get to meet new people often. Here its only client service and that’s about it.

7. Describe your photography style. What invaluable lessons have you learned that helped you develop your distinct style

I am all about colors. I love colors and the amount of positivity it brings out is unexplainable. My photography style with photoshoots is more about vibrancy. Simple, classy, uncluttered and as candid as it can get is something I vouch for and that, is my style.

8. How do you find the balance between work and your personal life?

As I had mentioned earlier, when you run your own business, you actually end up taking work too seriously, more than what you used to as an employee of a company. Since it is yours and you handle it all by yourself, the work load gets a little hectic most times. But since I work out of home and most of my work is towards the weekend (considering clients are mostly free on those days), the rest of the week I am able to concentrate on the house and other chores. This makes up for a perfect work-life balance.

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9. If you had one piece of advice to give on how to choose your props for a session, what would it be?

Minimalistic is the word. I like to keep it as simple as possible and use props that would enhance the colors on the frame. I love helium balloons and I use them most commonly and that has become a huge demand with most of my clients. Tutu skirts for girls and suspenders for boys are a demand too. Apart from that, accessorizing girls in headbands and boys in bow ties make them look super cute. It’s always best to dress babies in what they are most comfortable in. Since there is going to be more than one dress change for the shoot, dressing them in casual cotton dresses is most preferred.

10. When you are not working, how do you love to spend your days?

I love to travel. I make sure I take regular vacations. I also try and catch up with friends locally and when I am on travel.

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Contact number: +91 7760658201

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