Meet Susy Eipe & Neethu Eipe: Founders of Rossette

Meet Susy Eipe & Neethu Eipe: Founders of Rossette


1. Tell us about yourself and what were you doing prior to Rossette?

Neethu: I was working as an accountant at a MNC in Bangalore.
Susy: My mother taught fashion designing to students at a finishing school in Kochi a few years back. Also enjoyed designing and making baby dresses and maternity wear.

2. can u give us a timeline how it started?

Neethu: Once I shifted to Kerala after my son was born, i wanted to stay at home to be with him for the initial few years. So it got me thinking of starting something on my own with flexible timing which i would enjoy doing. I talked to my mother Susy, about starting an online boutique for kids wear as she had the know-how and experience in that area. So we both started Rossette on March 3rd 2013(which also happens to be my birthday)  Because I knew a little photography, it was convenient to get good photos to post to the page.


3. What are your products? how do you promote it?

We make dresses for up to 3 years i.e for babies and toddlers. We make bespoke baptism and party wear dresses always adhering to make it elegant and comfy for the babies to wear it with ease. Facebook page has helped us in getting a lot of customers because of its wide range. We always try to make sure to bring out new designs and color combos to make our page and dresses stand out.

4. The biggest challenge you both faced? And how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge we are facing right now, is my move back to Bangalore. Online sales are not practical when we are at two different places. We are planning to open a store both in Kerala and Bangalore because of the overwhelming response for Rossette dresses.

5. Where do you see Rossette in 5 years?

We do have plans to expand. If possible increase the age limit and also maybe incorporate designs for adults also.

6. Who are your strongest competitors?

Because there are not a lot of boutiques concentrating on only baptism and birthday wear, we have not yet faced many problems with competition by God’s grace.

7. what is a day in a life of you both like?

Neethu: Family always comes first. Once i send off my son Jayden and my husband Jeevan to work, I get to my chores for the day. I enjoy cooking so I try to make something different often. In between I log in to Rossette to check mails, calls, shipment details, giving finishing touches to the dresses etc. Once Jayden is back from school I take him out to the park to play. Once we are back home, I get back to Rossette for some time. Then back to chores for the dinner rush. 🙂

Susy My mother is very disciplined. She wakes up at 5 am every day. Has a set routine of exercise, prayer and breakfast. After that she goes to our tailoring unit to check on the work to be done. She is the main force behind the beautiful dresses.

8. How do you balance your business with motherhood?

Neethu: Its tough sometimes juggling a 4 year old and a business. But I love doing both. So if there is a will there is a way right? But i always make sure I am there for Jayden whenever he needs me. My customers are always very understanding in case i have to attend to him in between.

Susy: She is a free bird now. Both her daughters are settled. She only needs to check on her grandsons from time to time 😀 So she gets more time for Rossette

9. Any advices to share with our parentrepreneurs?

If you love what you are doing and have the right attitude and energy, then good things will come your way when you least expect it.

10. Suggest an idea or a trick that has made your parenting easier 🙂

I sometimes ask Jayden to help me with making the fabric roses and give him thread and paper. That keeps him engaged. 🙂

Neethu is also a freelance photographer.
Check out her facebook page @
Fb link for Rossette:
Contact: | 9447127714



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