9 things when you are 9 months Pregnant

things to do when you are pregnant 9 months

Some tips to relieve boredom from a moms view.

For all those beautiful minds who are so much worried about pregnancy and delivery! .I would love to share my experiences with you all. It might help a few. I had experienced both normal and c-section delivery. Now do not ask me which is better 🙂

Both were painful, but the result of both the pain was same. I was blessed with healthy babies in both deliveries. People say normal delivery is better. They say that you will have pain for that particular day only and you will forget that excruciating pain, really don’t know which mom said that. I will never forget the pain I went through. Moreover, who said only c-section people will have pain after delivery, normal delivery also get stitches which is really painful

Whether the delivery is normal or c-section, pain is for sure. So what? . Babies are a true blessing. Normal delivery is better. However, what can we do if situation is favorable only for c-section? So leave all that for God. He knows what is best for us. Nobody can change the fate.

Those 9 months are actually the most beautiful period of our life. We will miss those 9 months later. To prepare yourself for delivery, utilize this 9 months well. If you are a working woman, please don’t quit your job. Working women are less prone to have sickness because they hardly get any time to vomit and become tired 🙂

Bet you, you will miss going for job post delivery. So, enjoy your job while you are pregnant. Pregnant women can make excuses for each and everything.

Others who plan to be at home for 9 months, let me tell you that you are going to get bored from head to toe. I have some tips for all the mommy to be, which kept me going

And one more thing, whether it’s your first pregnancy or second or third, its pregnancy and you have your delivery after 9 months. Pain is same. There is nothing like experience in this case. Mind has to be prepared well.

Month 1:: happiest month. Your pregnancy test card had showed up two lines and it is a positive sign. You get a lot of love from husband and others. Just sit back and enjoy this month. Things are not going to be the same from the next month

Month 2:: you know you are pregnant but have a long way to go. You are not allowed to travel so much during the first 3 month. So, try to read something. If reading does not work, take a small walk in the evening, have a talk with your neighborhood people.

Try to get a company for walking. Start eating healthy food

Month 3:: this is the end of your first trimester. Be happy that the second trimester is just a few days far from you. Try to keep yourself busy this month. Try to get in touch with your old school mates .chat with them, share some good old memories. Do anything, which keeps your mind happy

Month 4:: The best months of pregnancy starts here. You are allowed to travel a little. Go for movies, have dinner from outside, go to beach, relative’s houses, just enjoy the month

Month 5:: Now you know your baby has grown a little. Start enjoying the little tummy. Take care of it always. Get all the care from people you love. Try to stay with your husband.

Month 6:: so this month bids goodbye to the happiest and safest 6 months of pregnancy.

So just, do not look back. Go out and have all the things you wished to eat – ice creams, pastries etc

Month 7:: Now things are getting closer. You need to prepare yourself for the hospital and to welcome the new tiny tot.

Start shopping. Enjoy shopping as much as you can because you are getting things for someone whom you have never met

Month 8:: keep your stuff ready in your hospital bag. Watch all the movies. Don’t keep anything pending. Theatre is some place you will miss for another one year for sure.

Month 9:: yippee, you have successfully reached the last month. It is natural that the last month is a bit hectic and a bit boring, would love to see the baby as soon as possible. Last month is also very tiring. And if you have urinary tract infection, the days are going to be a bit tough

Delivery day: trust me girls, you will have a tough time fighting to get the baby, but the pain is worth it. There is no gain without pain; you will love to see the happiness on your husband’s face when he gets the baby.

Now you have someone new. The pain was worth it, right!!!!.


nasiya sulthanaNasiya shanid is a wonderful Mom of two super kids “Dua and Dhulkif “.She loves to spend her time with kids which she is doing 24/7 now, loves writing, cooking and eating. A well-known foodie in her friends and family circle! !she dreams to be a great writer.

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