A new mom and her worries – The postpartum depression!!

Almost all the young mommies go through postpartum depression. You need to help yourself.


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Almost all the young mommies go through postpartum depression. You need to help yourself. Some people kill us with their tongue during those times. They have a lot of questions to ask and need to get the answer and comment on it. Even the smallest things will hurt a mom during this time. I really don’t know why people can’t just mind their own business. They love interfering in each and everything a mom does and start criticizing. And the best part is they have no knowledge about all these. It’s true that experience is the best lesson, But why these people can’t understand that this is that certain point of every girl’s life where they get hurt for every small thing. If you can’t help, please do keep your mouth shut. Please stop talking this and that without knowledge. Eat this, eat that, you will suffer later, don’t do that, don’t do this. These are the only things everyone wants to tell. Everybody can talk, but can’t help. If you can’t help, please stop advising. It is the help a mom wants at this time, not the advice.

Whatever we do, we don’t feel satisfied. Sleepless nights, the pain, medicines, baby cries. Each and everything keeps us irritated during that time. It’s only the assuring words that can keep a mommy going which they normally don’t get at that particular time.

Delivery is a normal thing, but taking good care of a baby needs more strain than delivering. For that, the mom needs to be mentally and physically healthy

  • Try to stay with positive people.
  • Talking with friends can make you feel relaxed
  • Take rest whenever time allows

after delivery


Tip 1: Tell a new mom that this is the most special time of your life. You need to enjoy each and every second being a mother. Time flies. Enjoy these very special days when you get a lot of care from family

TIP 2: Tell her that the weight you gained is really fine, you got a healthy baby. You can shed that weight easily

Tip 3: Breastfeeding is good. It helps a lot, that’s the sweetest bonding of a mom with her cutie pie

Tip 4: (For those who are struggling with breastfeeding), this is not something new. Formula milk is used by many. Don’t worry over that. In this advanced world, you have a better replacement for every need

Tip 5: Most of the girls are well educated these days. Let them decide what’s best for them. Help them instead of advising

Tip 5: Tell them that sleep is a must. So ask them to sleep whenever the baby falls asleep.

Tip 6: Never talk good about normal delivery in front of a mom who had a C-section

Time will fly away, your baby will grow up and you will miss his those days. So enjoy changing diapers. Just stay calm when you hear something you don’t like. It’s better to stay quiet rather than arguing. Stay away from people whom you don’t like at this time, definitely, they will make ur living a lot worse.

Make your postpartum days easier and comfortable. So if you think using cloth diaper is making you sleepless, don’t use that. Get the best diaper rash cream and use diapers. Take proper rest and do and hear things which will make you relax.

Listen to music when you feel you are losing your mind

Prayers can also keep you feel fresh. Best thing is to make friends with other new mommies and discuss your issues.

Love your baby so much and so much.


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