Going from baby 1 to baby 2

going from baby 1 to baby 2

As a 24/7 worrying mom of two little kids, I think I know how to manage my time for my 3 and half year old daughter and 4 months old son now.


The only thing, which kept me worrying during my pregnancy, was how to give time for my daughter once I will be busy with my newborn. What will she feel when all of a sudden I change my entire routine. As my days were completely revolving around my daughter, I was damn sure that it was going to affect her. She wanted me for everything, starting from drinking a glass of water to taking bath. Moreover, the most important thing was how to make her sleep when I am not there. Don’t know how many times I have cried thinking of this. I really didn’t wanted to get pregnant till my daughter was able to do all her things alone.

But more age gap between kids is something which I don’t like. Felt like they won’t have that friendship bond if the second baby is too younger.

from baby one to two

It took 6 months of my pregnancy to make my mind ready to welcome the second baby. All that time I managed to give full time for my daughter. I took her out. We went shopping together, played together, and went out for food. I tried making her realize that she is a big girl now. I got her few toys, which she wanted. As I played with her, I kept talking to her about my big tummy and the baby inside. I told her, baby is going to join us soon. And he is coming with a gift for you. I told her many things like how our life going to change after baby comes. Whether she understands or not, I wanted to make her know that, someone else is going to share your mom. From my whole story, the only thing, which went inside my daughters mind, was that gift which I told her baby would get for her when he comes and she started asking me when the gift is going to reach her.

I started my baby shopping with her, bought a dress for her too. I kept in my mind that she should never feel that I stopped shopping for her; they get easily hurt at this age. We went for movies. She always wanted me to carry her. Actually, it was the most difficult part with the tummy, but I carried at times. I had no other way. The next thing, which kept me worrying, was about the sleep. After baby comes I will have to sleep with the baby, but I could not imagine about my daughter sleeping away from me. So started thinking and found a way. I got a sofa bed. I kept that in my room.

Night, I started sleeping with her in that sofa bed which she enjoyed. So I can have both my kids with me. Then came the tension about the delivery days when I will have to stay in the hospital.

It was not the labor pain, which kept me worrying. I was all tensed about my daughter. What will she do when I am inside the labor room? Will anyone take care of her like the way I do.

I started talking this with my husband, which he was not at all bothered. I know almost all husbands are the same. I told him he has to take care of her completely for few days until I get back home. I tried to make her sleep with him many times which didn’t work out. So I left that plan and was back with my sofa bed plan

Delivery day was in the corner, I prepared myself mentally to be a stronger woman.I told repeatedly to myself not to worry, and I will be able to manage things alone.

My husband assured me that he would take care of our daughter in my absence

I gave birth to a baby boy and my husband gave our daughter that gift which he hid all that time and told her, God had sent that through the baby just for you. She was very happy and was talking about the gift to almost all the people who visited me. So that gift plan worked. She loved the baby for that.

After I got back home, I took the baby only for feeding and I made sure that my daughter was not feeling bad. I made her sit near me. We bought her cartoon CD’s which she always asked for. So half of the time went with that. I only fed her food. The worst part was when she fell sick.

Those days I understood that I am a super mom. If we depend on anyone for help, we will never learn to do things alone. Kids get adjusted to whatever situation they are kept. My daughter has seen me struggling and she started adjusting. She sleeps even when the baby cried loud. We three made a world of ours, which we love now. Only thing is that I never got rest after my delivery. But I can proudly tell that I managed being a super mom.

My husband just loves the way I take care of kids. Things became easier once my daughter joined school when baby was 50 days old. Mornings are still a marathon race for me. Baby cries, feeding, bathing my daughter, dressing her up, hair, Tiffin box, breakfast but I swear I enjoy doing all this. It’s a matter of few months. Baby is growing. I am sure I will miss these busy days. Start enjoying each and everything. Be the best mom!!

nasiya sulthanaNasiya shanid is a wonderful Mom of two super kids “Dua and Dhulkif “.She loves to spend her time with kids which she is doing 24/7 now, loves writing, cooking and eating. A well-known foodie in her friends and family circle! !she dreams to be a great writer.




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