50+ First Food ideas for baby (Free printable) – 6-7 month

first food for babies,baby food recipes

No idea what to feed your baby as first food or stage 1 food? Some mothers are in always searching for recipes to feed their baby. Here we have listed some ideas as first foods for babies. If you want this list to hang it on your fridge or your shelf, you can download and print this.

• Breast milk is the perfect food for babies. No solids/food should replace breastmilk/formula .Breastfeed on demand as it is the primary nutrition for babies
• From 6month baby needs foods that are rich in Iron
• Sterilise baby’s utensils before use
• No sugar ,salt or honey until 1 year
• Introduce one food at a time so that the baby can get used to the different tastes. Always offer one new food at a time and make sure there is no allergy before introducing other new food. Then you can combine both the food and give
• Purees consistency can be adjusted by adding breast milk/formula. Never cook the food with formula /breastmilk.

First Foods for babies


1. Apple peeled boiled and pureed/apple puree
2. Dates pitted,soaked ,peeled and pureed/dates puree
3. Nendran /Kerala banana boiled and pureed
4. Pear(ripe) cooked and pureed

No Cook baby Food

1. Banana Puree /mash
2. chikoo/sapodilla puree /mash
3. Avocado puree/ mash
4. Water melon mashed
5. cantaloupe/musk melon puree/mash
6. Mango puree
7. Papaya puree


1. Carrot boiled and pureed/carrot puree
2. Sweet potato boiled and pureed
3. Pumpkin boiled and pureed
4. Green peas boiled and pureed
5. Organic broccoli puree
6. Squash/courgette puree
7. Potato well cooked and mashed
8.Green leafy vegetable cooked,pureed or as curry/soup

Non veg  –  Cook thoroughly and remove bones

1. Pureed or blended Chicken
2. Pureed or blended fish
3. Pureed or blended meat
4. Egg yolk (Yellow part of an egg) boiled, well cooked and well mashed


1. Ragi porridge
2. Njavara/red rice porridge
3. Oatmeal porridge
4. Dalia/Broken wheat /bulgar porridge
5. Rice porridge
6. Brown rice porridge


(if there is tummy upset ,you can add little lentil with rice or any other cereal)
1. Moong dal /split green lentils soup
2. Chick pea boiled and well mashed
3. Masoor dal /split red lentils soup

Dairy-no cow’s milk until 1 year

1. Curd
2. Paneer/cottage cheese


1. Avocado and banana puree
2. Njavara /red rice with dates porridge
3. Carrot and pumpkin puree
4. Carrot and banana puree
5. Carrot and lentil puree or mash
6. Sweet potato and carrot mashed/puree
7. Rice cereal with banana /apple
8. Oats and dates puree
9. Njavara/red rice with banana & dates
10. Brown rice,dal/lentil and curd
11.Rice,lentils and veggies carrot and pumpkin puree/khichdi
12. Rice and sweet potato well mashed
13. Oatmeal with apple banana and dates pureed
14. Dalia/bulgar wheat kheer or with veggies
15. Rice and chicken puree/blended
16. Rice and fish puree/blended
17. Rice, fish and carrot puree/blended
18. Dalia and chicken blended
19. Sweet potato and chicken blended


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50+ First Food ideas for baby 6-7 month 

first food ideas for 6-7 month baby,baby food ideas


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