Almond Powder Recipe

Are you wondering how to sneak nuts into your baby’s food. Well, Athira has contributed a recipe which can make your baby go nuts.

The recipe is instant almond powder. Almonds have got many health benefits moreover its high in calories that means if you are searching for weight gaining food, you can add this powder to any of your baby’s food. But please make sure if your baby is allergic to almonds or not

weight gaining almond powder


Instant almond powder Ingredients:

Almond, Sugar candy and Saffron (optional)


Soak almond in water for 5-10 minutes . Peel off the skin. Let it dry. Fry the almond for 10 minutes in a low flame. Let it be cool and grind it along with sugar candy and saffron. Keep this in an airtight container.
This can be used instantly in milk, porridge, dosha batter, chappathi etc


athiraAthira Vibineesh is a housewife as well as a mother of 1.4 years old boy. She is a MBA graduate and now residing outside India and taking care of her husband and son. She loves cooking and always try to cook different varieties of dishes. As her baby is a perky eater, she tries new variety dishes for him. She is very happy to share one of her recipes with us.

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