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Apples can be given as Baby’s first food. Apples are nutrient rich and very easy to prepare.

When apples are given for babies better to start with steamed apples which is pureed or mashed. If you are following BLW steam the peeled apple and slice it such that the baby can hold it in his hands.

Mashed or pureed apples can be added as a sweetener or mix with other purees. But make sure the baby is not allergic by first giving it as a single food and following 3 day rule before mixing with any other purees or mashes. It is better to buy organic apples for babies.

Apples are rich sources of Vitamin A and C, Folate, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Selenium

Apple puree/mash/sauce

  1. Take an apple and wash it well
  2. Cut half of the apple or any size according to your baby need
  3. Peel it, and core (taking the centre with the seeds)


apple sauce

How to steam Apple for baby?

If you have a steamer you can use that, Otherwise:

Method 1– Take a pressure cooker. Pour some water in the cooker. Put the apple in a steel bowl and place it inside the pressure cooker. The water level inside the cooker should be below the bowl. Close the lid

Pressure cook till the apple is tender. It may take 3 to 5 whistle.

Method 2– The second method is to place the small sliced apple in a vessel with very little water so that the nutrients won’t get lost. Close the lid. And boil it until tender. It may take 8 -10 minutes. The left over water can be used for adding to puree or mash

You can use a spoon to mash it or blend it in a blender after allowing the apple to cool a bit and slicing it into pieces. Mashing the apple will have some lumps so take care if your baby is not used to it. It is better to introduce textured food as early as possible. If it is too thick you can add breast milk or formula milk powder or boiled water. Don’t cook any food with formula milk powder. Always add it after cooking.

You can serve this to the baby in a sterilised bowl or a bowl which is washed with soap and hot water. This puree can change the colour it is better to consume any baby food within half an hour of cooking.

BLW Recipe: How to give apple?

  1. Wash thoroughly. Peel the apple, Core and steam by any of the above method
  2. Slice it so that the baby can hold the steamed sliced apple in her hand
  3. You can even sauté the peeled and sliced apple with some ghee or butter before giving to the baby

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