Baby food Recipe: Homemade health mix powder (Cerelac substitute)

Baby food Recipe: Homemade health mix powder (Cerelac substitute)



  • 1 cup Rice
  • ½ cup Ragi/finger millet/Nachni
  • ½ cup Chana dal/Bengal gram




Wash separately Rice, Ragi and Chana dal thoroughly.

Soak all the ingredients overnight (6-8 hrs) in separate vessels for sprouting. Discard the water and place the grains in separate muslin cloths or cheesecloth tied. Keep this in a warm place and allow it to sprout.

Sprinkle water to keep it damp. Sprouting can take around 48 hrs. Once the sprout appear, dry roast well, each ingredient separately to remove the moisture.

Grind the above mixture in a grinder until finely powdered and store in a dry and airtight container.

Alternatively, if you want to skip the sprouting, you can dry them under sun or dry roast separately in a pan to remove the moisture. Grind this mixture into a fine powder and store in a dry and airtight container.

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For preparing porridge

You can make porridge by taking 2 tbsp. of the powder or you can take according to the consistency you want in 1 cup of water and cook until done. You can even add hot boiling water to the powder stirring consistently so that no lump forms and covering it up with a lid for some time. However, cooking is better for small babies.

First, introduce each ingredient separately and rule out any allergies, if any by waiting 3 or 4 days before introducing another ingredient. If no allergies, you can combine and make this powder.

For babies less than 1 year, according to the studies salt, sugar, milk and honey shouldn’t be given.  You can add any kind of sweet puree like banana, apple, pear etc or you can add date syrup. You can also use roasted cumin and asafoetida for flavor.

Please do not cook formula milk while making porridge. If you want to add formula milk just prepare it separately and add it to the porridge according to the consistency you want.

You can add some ghee or nuts powder to increase the calorie and nutrients.

You can keep the powder in the refrigerator for a safe storage.

It is better to make in small batches so that it stays fresh.

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Health benefits

  • Ragi is a good source of Iron. If your baby is having low Hb level, you can give Ragi or finger millet. Sprouting increases the vitamin and minerals especially vitamin C. For absorption of Iron in body, Vitamin C is essential thus, sprouted ragi helps in anemia
  • Ragi is an excellent source of essential amino acids Tryptophan, Isoleucine, Valine, Methionine and threonine, which helps in blood formation, bone development, helps in metabolism and repair of body tissues
  • Ragi is the richest sources of calcium so it helps in the bone development in children
  • Bengal gram or chana dal is high in nutritive value. It has many minerals and high in protein thus helps in preventing anemia, helps in digestion as it contains fiber, and helps in maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels


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