dates fruit: When and How to give dates for babies

Dates are excellent sources of Iron, Potassium and many other nutrients. Dates can be given to baby from 6 month onwards.


Till now I haven’t heard of anyone having allergy with dates. But make sure with the “3 day wait rule” your baby is not allergic to it before adding to other foods. It is a natural sweetener and it can be added to other fruit purees, rice mash, pancakes etc.

  1. Dates shouldn’t be given raw to babies
  2. Only Ripened and soft dates should be given to babies

As your baby gets older you can give raw dates or add scrapings of dates to their food.

dates food for babies

How to give dates to babies?

  • Ripened dates should be washed thoroughly
  • Remove the seeds/pit by slicing the dates with a knife
  • Boil water and switch off the flame. Place the dates in the water for half an hour to 45 min in the hot water
  • Please don’t boil the dates. You can steam it after removing seeds
  • After half an hour the dates will be tender and softened
  • Remove the outer skin of the dates. It will be easy to remove by now
  • You can use a strainer and with the back of the spoon push the dates so that you can collect the puree to a vessel


  • You can blend the softened and outer skin removed dates with some water in a blender to get soft date puree.

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