Homemade Cerelac for Babies and Toddlers

Homemade cerelac for babies,healthy porridge ,sathumaavu powder

Homemade cerelac is a multigrain powder that is given to babies. It is a health mix powder which uses grains, millets and dry fruits. You can also use sprouted grains which is healthier. Even though it is a time-consuming process but far better and the best you can give your baby than the commercially available cerelac or health mix powders

Homemade Cerelac for Babies and Toddlers

dry fruits weight gain


Homemade cerelac/sathu maavu/health mix powder which is a weight gaining food that can be given to babies and toddlers as porridge or a drink, even breast feeding mothers and pregnant women can have this

For babies: You can start this powder after introducing each grain and nuts separately so that you can rule out any allergy. The ingredients in this powder rarely cause allergy except for the nuts. You can start this at around 8 months, the dry ingredients like nutmeg, valvdin, ashwagandha help in easy digestion

For sprouting: Wash and Soak all the cereals separately except almonds, cashews and other dry fruits overnight. Sundry or roast till the entire moisture is removed.

Recipe by Komal Kaundal

Komal Kaundal is a corporate banker by day but her actual passion is being a full time doting mommy to her 20-month-old kid. In between her busy work schedules and daily shenanigans she finds time to cook healthy meals for her toddler to refuse first and relish later.

You can use grains or millets that are available at your home.

  • Ragi – 1/2 cup sprouted preferred
  • Brown rice-1/2 cup sprouted preferred
  • Oats -1/2 cup no soaking or roasting

1/4 cup of the following:

  • Moong dal/cherupayar/split green lentils
  • Pearl barley
  • Channa Dal /kadala paripp
  • Masoor dal
  • Daliya /nurukk gothamb/bulgar wheat  1/4 cup


dry fruits weight gain

Dry ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha 1 tsp
  • 1 tsp jaiphal ( nutmeg)
  • 1 tsp valvdin (very good for tummy).
  • almonds (handful)
  • 2 3 pieces elachi /cardamom
  • Cashew nuts (handful)



For sprouting: Wash and Soak all the cereals separately except oats, almonds, cashews and other dry ingredients overnight. Sundry or roast till the entire moisture is removed.

Measure all ingredients and keep it ready. Wash, soak Ragi, all dals, Daliya and brown rice.

Dry roast wet ingredients separately or together till dry and crispy. Then roast almonds and cashew separately or together with the dry roasted ingredients.

Let it cool. Mix in other ingredients also and mill or blend them together until fine powder.

dry fruits weight gain

Sieve it and mill again if any coarse mixture. Let it cool .store in an air tight container. You can refrigerates it or keep it outside. Stays good for 3 months. Don’t worry if it doesn’t get too fine. You can try to sieve and mill again or you can blend again after cooking

dry fruits weight gain

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    Homemade cerelac /porridge/drink

    Once the dry powder is made you can boil 2 tbsp in water for 10 mins and cook it. You can add your baby’s regular milk (or formula ) and puree it again so it becomes nice creamy consistency .For toddlers and elders add 2 spoon of this dry cerelac to the milk, mix well to break the lumps., add more milk if required and then boil It for 10 minutes until the mixture would form a paste

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