Peanut butter rice porridge for toddlers

Peanut butter is a high calorie food. If your kid is a picky eater you can definitely give peanut butter as it is also healthier and contains more protein. Make sure he is not allergic to it.


The latest study indicates that the early introduction of peanut dramatically decreases the risk of development of peanut allergy


  • Full cream Milk 1 cup
  • Rice flour 2 tsp. (if you don’t have rice flour, soak the rice in water and grind it)
  • Peanut butter 3 tbsp ( I have used chunky peanut butter )
  • For sweetening: sugar is optional (make sure your peanut butter content have sugar or not) or you can add honey at the end.


  • Bring the milk to a boil in a non-stick pan
  • Mix the Rice flour with some water
  • Add the rice flour mixture and sugar (optional) to the milk and stir it continuously so that no lump forms
  • Add the peanut butter and stir continuously till it thickens on a low flame


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