Upma recipe for toddlers

Recipe by Sajina

This is a breakfast item in Southern India made with Semolina. You can serve this to kids either as a breakfast item or an after school snack or even pack it their lunch box!


1. Sooji Rava (Semolina): 1 cup (you should dry roast it until it turns slight brown in color)

2. Curry Leaves : 3-4 leaves

3. Green Chilies: 2 (cut lengthwise in half. If you chop it, kids will eat it accidentally)

4. Onion (thin sliced): ¼ cup

5. Ginger: a small piece (chopped)

6. Carrot (Grated): ¼ cup

7. Grated Coconut: ¼ cup

8. Water: 1 ½ cups

9. Mustard seeds: 1 teaspoon

10. Salt: As desired

11. Cooking Oil: 3 spoons



1. Heat oil in a wok and splutter the mustard seeds

2. Add the items from 2 through 5 and sauté it for 5-7 minutes

3. Add water, salt and cover the wok with a lid.

4. Once the water gets boiling, add the roasted semolina and grated carrot and mix.

Cover the wok.

5. When it becomes dry, remove the lid. Put the grated coconut and mix it.

NB: 1. You can eat it with sliced banana. It’s yummy!

2. You can use other vegetables too, especially the ones that kids don’t eat. You can put peas, beans, etc too. But I found the carrot Upma tastier and my kids also loved it.


Sajina Patinhattayil is software engineer by profession who loves to do experiments in the kitchen and make her kids – 7 year old boy and a 20 months old girl – happy with healthy, colorful, variety dishes. She is active in social networking sites for cooking and parenting, giving tips and tricks to new moms.

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