Himalaya FOR MOMS- Anti rash Cream Review

Himalaya for moms anti-rash cream

During pregnancy, skin changes are common. Rashes can occur due to stretching skin, rubbing together of the folded skin, sweat, and hormonal changes. Folded skin areas like under the breast, under the stomach, in the armpits, and between the thighs are the most prone areas. Itching and rashes can occur due to chicken pox, PUPP, scabies, liver problem, eczema etc so if severe itching persists consult a doctor.

himalaya for moms anti rash cream

Himalaya FOR MOMS- Anti rash Cream Review

Product Claims

Himalaya FOR MOMS Anti-Rash Cream is a herbal formulation that reduces itching and rashes that occur in pregnancy, dermal cuts and scratches which cause minor itching


YashadaBhasma(Incinerated Zinc) have antiseptic and moisturizing properties.It relieves dry skin and soothes itching

Aloe Vera– heals wound, lessens the stretch marks, act as moisturizer and soothes the skin

Manjishta(Rubiacordifolia)-Reduces skin blemishes, and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Almond oil rich in Vitamin A and E helps in moisturizing

Other ingredients:phenoxyethanol,methylisothiazolinone



Price and Quantity

20g –INR 75

50g  – INR 150


As Himalaya for Moms Anti rash Cream contains zinc Yashadabhasma and many other ingredients like aloe vera,manjishta, almond oil that not only relieves itching and rashes but can also heal and moisturizes the skin is a perfect blend that can be used during pregnancy. However, if you have PUPP rashes and itching, this cream can only relieve and sooth the skin as the treatment for this rashes is delivering your baby:)

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