KUBE Kompanion Review (Solar system): India’s first 3D educational box

KUbe educational kit

Entertaining and spending quality time with kids is a hard task, these days. Restricting screen / digital time off is not a good idea because at one time or the other restriction makes even the boring appealing. Technology is an integral part of our kids’ life and it will be in the future. Think forward, create a balance by educating them with having fun, and also talk about its limits and make them understand.


KUBE Kompanion educational game box  Review

With all the hype these days with VR and AR  that enables to learn new concepts easily, Kube by Kompanion launched India’s first 3D educational game box for the age group between 3-12, that redesigns and shapes your child’s thinking through brain training which includes virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D games, and a brain booster series. They make the learning journey very engaging, fascinating and informative for the child.

KUBE develops 6 facets of growth and exploration
Holistic growth,
Innovative thinking,
Language proficiency
And creativity.

Kube is available in 8 themes
We are here to review the solar system, Kube



This kit came in a Kube box where everything was kept organized. Inside the box we found

  • VR Kit
  • 3D Expression Journal
  • Knowledge Deck
  • Creative Illustration
  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Brain Booster Series
  • Trivia Booklet
  • Activity Kit
  • Ground Zero
  • Do It Yourself Manual
  • Apart from this, we were given links to download the app


VR Kit with installed app: The VR glass is made up of cardboard with no strap or attachment. The VR glass allows you to take a virtual tour around the solar system. It generates realistic images of planets and celestial bodies with the help of audio, kids can feel and replicate the same environment. The box also contains a book
and illustration with information, when scanned through the installed app on the phone creates a realistic 3D image with facts and knowledge. currently, the size of the app is big with no ads.

 limitless exploration book– the book contains description and images of each planet with sun and moon. When scanned through the installed app on the phone creates a realistic 3D image with extra plane papers to scribble points and thoughts
Knowledge Board with a pace chart: This is a board game similar to snake and ladder, instead of snakes it is planets and related stuff. This is a fun game. We really enjoyed this.

Knowledge deck: This box also contain cards with multiple choice questions and its answer
Wheel of fortune: this is a game with a player spinning the wheel and others play according to the instruction given so they can reach the earth back
TRIVIA BOOKLET: this book consist of trivia, facts about solar and lunar eclipse, major inventions, scientist and crossword puzzles
CREATIVE ILLUSTRATION chart: This is 3D trackable chart of the solar system with the anatomy of comet and sun as a learning and visualization tool. When scanned through the app, this will further unlock the next games, quizzes, riddles, Weekly does of insightful knowledge bytes etc, when you answer a question that appears on the screen. They can also learn about the internal structures of earth, moon, and sun and can also take a selfie and share with family and friends

Stationary kit (sketch pens eraser, scissors, glue etc) with cardboard pieces of sun, moon, and earth so they can make their own model of the solar system with a spill proof mat
The box also contains Vocabulary builder, word list -activity sheets and brain booster training book with answers at the end

Kube solar system as the brand suggests- successfully balances education and entertainment. The kids for sure will enjoy learning especially the 3D view of the solar system and the engaging games with Kiaan. In our times, I remember we used to imagine the planets, layers of sun etc, as we learned. And mug up all the facts and answers as such, but what I found with this box is that, this will help kids and even elders of all ages learn complex concepts in an easier and faster way and can connect ideas together and need not memorize.
Even though at first, it looks a bit complicated, but with the help of the instruction manual, it gives kids an amazing exploration.This box has everything you need even the basic stationery kit. The Kube box is a never ending saga of fun , facts, trivia, games, riddles, activities etc.They will be fascinated to learn more about the outer space and can easily learn the basic concept in a brand new way with loaded facts and fun included. It is also a great gifting idea.
You can get other themes or topics in Kube educational box as it is made for other age groups also
Animal safari
The human anatomy
Wonders of the world
Marvels of India
Modes of transport
Shapes and dimension
You can buy this from here

Price range: 2499 INR .there is a sale going on amazon 40% off that is 1499 INR
For animal safari : 4499 INR

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