CuddlyCoo Swing/jhoola/oonjal Review

Cuddly Coo Swing Review

Holding your baby is great, but you simply can’t do it 24/7. So it is always better to find a source or a carrier where the baby can have all the fun and we get to do our work.

Almost all the Indian households had  jhoola (in english – swing) when we were small. All those cheerful laughter and fun times we had while swinging is memorable and who doesn’t love to swing. If you are reading this, you must be planning to buy a safe and comfortable swing for your kid.

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Even I was searching for a  swing for my toddler. We already have a hammock and my toddler still sleeps in that. So probably, your question will be why to invest in a swing. Let’s face it, babies and especially toddlers are full of energy, they get easily bored

cuddly coo

CuddlyCoo swing and the hammock is a brand inspired by the mother Sangeetha who have created safe, comfortable and high-quality products for babies. They are one of the most rated products online. CuddlyCoo swing replaces our traditional swing to make it fit for today.

Why CuddlyCoo swing

CuddlyCoo swing can be used for babies from 6 months to 30months!. Do you know Swinging improves your baby’s sensory coordination?.  It helps to develop their vestibular system, proprioception, Depth Perception and the baby learns  to balance herself activating her senses.

The seat of the swing is made of cotton and comfortable quilt not like the plastic base, which is available in markets, which ensure a comfortable seating for babies

swing box

There is safety belt attached to the seat that ensures safety of your child

The whole package, which comes in a small pack, consists of everything a swing needs that is from the hooks to ropes and‘s’ hooks. Those who doesn’t have a ceiling top to hook the S hook, it can be easily purchased from the local store for 30 Rs/

It comes with a brochure with step by step photos for assembling and also they have detailed instructions and commonly asked doubts and answers that make certain that this product is a brainchild of a mother

The whole product from the thick rope to the cotton seat and wooden connectors and including the colorful ornaments which baby can play is environment-friendly.

The best advantage is that the swing can be easily removed, washable and can be easily carried from one place to another, as it is lightweight

cuddly coo swing

I would definitely recommend this product

My baby loves his time on the swing and I get to do my work. Now there are only occasional visits to the park(especially this rainy season), as the swing is available in home:)

The product is available at /

Ph no: 0988300491,07829300491.

it is also available on all shopping sites like Amazon,FirstCry and Snapdeal


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