Review: Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap

Himalaya refreshing baby soap review-best baby soap ,chemical free

Are you using regular soaps for your toddler? Many are. Well, I have used only baby soap on my toddler till now.

Babies or toddlers are more prone to eczema when we use the regular soap as it contains a list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce and which removes moisture from the skin. Babies really don’t need soaps except to clean the baby’s bottom and the folds of skin around his arms and legs. However, in summer especially in India these days its extreme and bathing babies frequently, to make them comfortable from sweating can result in stripping of the skin and can cause dryness .The best thing is to find a baby soap, which is mild and chemical free. A quick bath, oil massaging, a mild soap, after bath moisturizing can all reduce or prevent the baby’s skin from drying

Today I like to review Himalaya refreshing baby soap, which is enriched with watermelon, khus khus and Neem, which keeps your baby’s skin cool and refreshed during summer

Himalaya refreshing baby soap review

Product claims

Mild and soothing soap that helps keep the baby’s skin cool and fresh while cleansing it gently. Enriched with water melon, khus khus and Neem .Ideal for use in summer and for oily skin.

Key Ingredients

Watermelon: This keeps the skin cool

Khus khus: Have antiperspirant and astringent properties

Neem: has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is beneficial for treating skin infections.

Soap base made from vegetable origin

himalaya baby soap

Why we loved the soap

  • TFM:78% Grade 1
  • It has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and also keeps the skin cool and fresh
  • Chemical free: no harmful chemicals, no artificial colors, free from parabens (as it claims)
  • All natural: enriched with watermelon, khus khus, neem
  • The base is made from vegetable origin not from animal fat not like other commercial soaps
  • Mildly scented
  • Hypoallergenic (clinically tested)
  • The soap lathers well and can be easily cleaned with water, not slippery after the bath as other body wash or soaps
  • Affordable Rs 34 only for 75 gm and Rs 55 for 125gm.
  • Easily available in local stores and also online


Can’t find any!

You can buy it from:

My Verdict

I’d definitely recommend Himalaya refreshing baby soap as it is safe and mild.


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