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Those of you who have read our interview about this multi-tasking lady Chinmayie, probably know what baby wearing is.

Baby wearing is the latest trend in India in fact it has been around very long back. These days if you walk down the Bangalore street you can see many parents carrying their babies. I have studied in my med school how mama baby bonding can help in successful breastfeeding and ease child’s development for better. Before knowing about the sling carrier I tried a baby carrier with buckles, belts and all sorts of things which made my son uncomfortable. So I needed a carrier in which my son feels comfortable and also I can get on with my to-do list and chores. My son likes to follow me wherever I go, even to the toilet:) and it was really difficult.

So when I searched for a carrier I read about Chinmayie who gets a lot of compliments from her customers for her Soul.

Soul sling have gorgeous colour variations. I have chosen plum superior cotton. Soul slings are stylish and fashionable. And It comes in a beautiful package with instructional booklet with beautiful pics on how to use it. As my hubby tells she and her son is all over it. so if you’re new to babywearing or ring slings that’s helpful (Chinmayie and her son is all over the book so we don’t have any kind of doubts), plus there are videos in YouTube also

My experience

  1. Since I have started using it for my toddler who’s busy with his world it took him some days to get used to it. If you use it from the infant stage I am sure that this adjusting period won’t be there. Soul ring sling can be used from infancy to early childhood; it claims that it can carry around 15 kg
  2. In other carriers it’s really difficult to breastfeed. Soul ring sling is nursing friendly If you travel a lot like us this can be useful.
  3. If your baby is a papa’s boy, even fathers can babywear it.
  4. I wondered if I will get back pain but if you wore it correctly. No worries till now for me. The weight is distributed evenly across your whole back. Since my baby is a toddler the time he spent in the sling is less compared to the infants. So I don’t have to carry him every time.
  5. Easy to use and can be adjusted with the baby in hand.
  6. Its portable. Easy to carry.
  7. They can substitute for a stroller. And we can get into every nook and corner 🙂
  8. Can be carried in different ways .I tried only hip carry position
  9. It comes in cotton and linen fabric. I tried the cotton. it’s comfortable in varying climate compared to those plastic carriers.


When I read about baby wearing researches, it have shown that baby wearing

  1. Reduces crying and colic.
  2. Better language development and learning because babies can see lips moving, facial expressions and can hear easily.
  3. Are more calm and content.
  4. Sleep more peacefully.
  5. Gain weight better.
  6. Enjoy better digestion.
  7. Nurse better



Look who is wearing Soul sling ! 

Milind Soman at SBI Pinkathon bangalore Babywearing walk


To buy Soul- Ring Sling |

443, 4th Main,
Bangalore – 560 050, India
Ph: +91 98808 36174

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